What would you like to learn?

I’m currently working on preparing articles and conference talks, and would love to know “What would you like to learn about Flash?”. I have lots of ideas, but I’d really like to hear what you (yeah, YOU, the person reading this right now – not the next guy) wants to learn.

So put the comment system to a use other than herbal viagra spam, and tell me what YOU want to know!

Grant Skinner

The "g" in gskinner. Also the "skinner".



  1. The “Developing a Simple Application Using Forms and MVC” was fantastic; nothing like it anywhere else I could find on the web. How about tackling the same subject, with a similar format, only with a complex application, one that used–for instance–two flash screens embedded within the same .cfm or .htm page, and that pass data between them?

    I wrote you a note last week asking for clarification of the gform code’s function $initUI(), which–as a newby to Flash–was puzzling.

    Thanks. /tim

  2. – Data structure usage with explanations of performance based on different structures. This would require creating some custom data structures

    – Performance tips. Exs. using for in loops vs for(;;)loops. evaluting a long dynamic path each time through a loop instead of using a pointer. Using escalator techniques in listboxes instead of using slot techniques, etc.

    – Component architecture vs. a MC composition architecture

    Basically how to code efficiently in AS.

  3. – Translating Version 1 components into Version 2 components.

    – Software testing techniques – how do you effectively test flash applications?



  4. Designing a simple MVC architecture using the new component framework and gModeler.

  5. Still trying to find a good tutorial on storing data locally, and automatically checking a server for updates (using Remoting) but bailing if not connected. Maybe something really simple that has structured data, like a telephone list. All done with code, and preferably in AS2.

  6. I would like to learn more about project management and best practices regarding project classpaths and global classpath. When to reuse code and when not to. The best ways to work in a group with check in/check out and source control. In short, I want to work the same way as the big guys do! 😉

  7. Was actually searching for ways to implement a custom CellRenderer (MX2004), but lost the righteous path somewhere caused by other distracting (but highly interesting) links…


  8. A holistic MX2004 Flash Remoting application that integrates all the best practices I’m currently only learning piecemeal:

    – forms-based development (getting off the timeline)

    – object-oriented design for Flash Remoting using AS 2.0 classes

    – mvc architecture for Flash Remoting apps

    – data binding for Flash Remoting apps, whether it be through writing code or using ‘codeless’ UI components

    – event listeners for Flash Remoting apps

    – managing Flash Remoting-based client/server data changes thru delta packets

    How’s that for a tall order?

  9. I would like to have a tutorial that teaches how to convert a Flash file into a component

    (A flash file which has been developed using some inbuilt components in MX2004 and reading data from an external file, like XML or server side .php)

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