Disable Local Security Errors in Chrome

I’m blogging this mainly for my own benefit, so I can look it up easily whenever I need to:

If you’d like to disable security errors generated from accessing local content in Chrome (ex. reading pixels from a local image), just launch it with the “–disable-web-security” param. So on OSX, you’d type this into Terminal:

open /Applications/Google\ Chrome.app –args -disable-web-security

It lasts until you close Chrome. Handy for testing EaselJS content on your local file system.

Update: I’ve posted a .command file that you can double click in the Finder to run this more easily here.


  1. Grant, easel is soooooooo awesome!!! thanks for that! cheers;)

  2. Useful add-on for Firefox that does a similar thing:


  3. Thanks! I needed this yet had no idea that it even existed.

  4. Thanks for this Grant.

    First off, I love your work with CreateJs.com – awesome stuff, real life saving stuff!

    Mine I had to enter like this:

    open -a /Users/mccabew/Applications/Google\ Chrome.app –args -disable-web-security

    (it needed the .app after application and double – before args)

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