Extension Melee (Part 2)

To continue the extension goodness (see part 1), here is another handy extension that’s sure to boost your productivity.

Find In Library

One of the most common workflows when working in FLAs is the need to find the library item for a symbol on the stage. Simply select a symbol on stage, and run the Find in Library command, and the appropriate library symbol is selected. This command is most useful when bound to a keyboard shortcut, such as CTRL-E.

Download the FindInLibrary Extension

To add an extra bit of functionality, install the OpenBoundClasses extension as well: if a class is bound to the symbol, it will automatically open when you run the FindInLibrary command.

You must have your library open for this extension to work. Additionally, Flash will not scroll the library to the selected symbol.

If you’re looking for an opposite workflow, finding stage instances with a specific symbol or linkage, I recommend checking out gSearch, part of our first Panel Pack, which includes a powerful Timeline search tool.

Lanny McNie

As the dev mgr, Lanny oversees the technical day-to-day details of production and makes sure things get out the door.



  1. quality… wanted this one for ages.

  2. Let’s hope it will find place in the next Flash IDE

  3. Very usefull. Always missed this feature in the Flash IDE.

    Thank you!

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