SCPlugin updated: SVN Support for OSX

The awesome folk working on SCPlugin for OSX have just released the 0.7 update. I haven’t started using the update yet (downloading it now), but from the release notes it looks like a great release that should provide pretty much all the functionality Mac ActionScript developers will require in day-to-day Subversion use. The most significant updates:

– Accepts user name and password. No more need for a separate command-line copy.

– All the major commands work. Everything in the menu works.

Previously, we’ve used a combination of SVNX for creating repositories, SCPlugin for commits and updates, and the command line for more advanced tasks. Looks like with this release we can stick with just SCPlugin, and the occasional command line operation.

If you’ve been trying to find a good Subversion/SVN client for the Mac, this should be it. I know source control has been a missing part of the puzzle for a lot of Flash and Flex developers who have switched to OSX.

You can read more, and download the installer (also new, no more manual install) from here.

Grant Skinner

The "g" in gskinner. Also the "skinner".



  1. Have you seen the OSX App Versions that’s almost out? It looks to be a really nice application, I’ve really disliked any of the others I’ve tried so I’m hoping this will finally make me happy 🙂

  2. Rick,

    That looks like a great app. I have to admit I really like the Finder integration that SCPlugin offers, but I’m definitely going to have to try out Versions as well once it’s available.

  3. not free but I like smart SVN. I use it in conjunction with SCPLugin, which I really like. Downloading the update now.

  4. Thanks for mentioning the update! I have been looking for a stable/working TortoiseSVN mac-a-like a long time. Downloading it right now!

  5. Or, you could just not use OSX, their kind of like using chopsticks, it makes things less productive.

  6. uhh… right… thanks for that insightful and original input Steve…

    I’m going to assume you’re joking. 🙂

  7. Well, every update to this plugin could only be an improvement. Quite funny, they say: “we think SCPlugin is now ready to be your one-and-only Subversion interface” Yeah right. Without repos browsing. I don’t think so. I’ll keep my eye on this one but for serious development there is only Eclipse/Subclipse.

    @Steve: “Or, you could just not use OSX, their kind of like using chopsticks, it makes things less productive.”

    You’re quite right about that one. I’ve been on a Mac for the past 2 months and OSX should be taken out in the backyard and shot if you ask me. Rubbish.

  8. Im a fan of OSX, but not going to argue with anyone about it.

    Switching from windows (and tortoise svn) I was having a hard time finding something I liked. svnX outgrew my patients but I’m really liking SmartSVN. I like the separation from finder/explorer to be honest, I find myself being more mindful about moving files and directories. With that said, I’ll be looking into scplugin…

  9. I personally prefer zigversion. Nice OSXy interface with plenty of drag and drop.. at first i was confused until i started thinking ‘easy’ and everything worked the way you would expect on a mac.

    the only annoyance i have found so far that may be unacceptable to some of you is the inability to lock files–but zigversion is compatible with command line svn, so I just use that for the rare occasions that i’m dealing with fla’s directly.

  10. SyncoSVN rocks too … dead easy for the designers to understand as the interface is pretty 😉

  11. Hey Grant,

    Any chance of adding subversion support directly to gProject?

    I’m not sure how much hackery it would take to get JSFL to run a terminal command.

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