AIR Panel for Flash CS3 Updated

We’ve updated our panel for testing, configuring and packaging AIR applications in Flash CS3. The most significant updates are the addition of a setting for window mode (system or transparent), and support for XML round-tripping, so edits/additions to the AIR application XML file will be preserved.

We’ve also tweaked the interface, and made some other minor updates. Click over to the original post for installation instructions, and a download link. Please use extension manager to remove the previous extension prior to installing this version! Everything should still run ok, but removing the old version in the future may cause problems.

We think we’ve also isolated the issues some people were having with packaging to a bug in the JSAPI, and have added troubleshooting information about this to the end of the original post.

Thank you to everyone who tested it, and provided feedback! Please continue to do so.

Grant Skinner

The "g" in gskinner. Also the "skinner".



  1. Thank Grant for the updates! I’ll start playing with it on Thursday.

  2. Ah, Chrome support.. thank you 🙂

  3. for the international users, on the xml app file add:


  4. mm, ok that was the UTF-8 declaration line

  5. I updated and now when I write classes and check the syntax, I get this error in the Compiler Errors window. I wouldn’t ask except that I can’t find any documentation since it’s a beta.

    “Warning: 5004: The file ‘playerglobal.swc’, which is required for typechecking ActionScript 3.0, could not be found. Please make sure the directory ‘$(AppConfig)/ActionScript 3.0/Classes’ is listed in the global classpath of the ActionScript 3.0 Preferences.”

  6. sounds like you renamed or deleted playerglobal.swc or you somehow changed your as3.0 publish settings..

    make sure that you have the playerglobal.swc in the ActionScript 3.0/Classes/playerglobal.swc of your Flash CS3 install directory.

    If it is in there, make sure you didn’t delete the line $(AppConfig)/ActionScript 3.0/Classes from your ActionScript 3.0 publish settings

  7. LOVE YA GS.. works beautifully..

  8. Hey Grant, saw the AIR Panel for the first time at the On Air Bus Tour in LA and knew I had to get it immediately. But it’s not working on my Mac. I’m using your Hello World app, hitting Test in the AIR Panel and it publishes but you don’t see an end result. Deleted the config file but that didn’t change anything.

  9. Great job

    Is transparent window mode only limited to the Stage size when you publish with Airpanel? Is there a way to utilize the whole desktop?

  10. This is a great extension! Could anyone tell me how to access the AIR runtime classes like the JavaScript “” inclusion?

  11. Oops I forgot i couldn’t use html. This is what I meant: “script src=”AIRAliases.js””.

  12. Hello, great component, I just need to know how to get started with writing AIR specific AS in flash, I tried this:

    import flash.display.NativeWindow;


    close_btn.onRelease = function (){




    function onMouseDown(p_event:MouseEvent){



    But it doesn’t seem to work, and I get this error when I’m compiling: The class or interface ‘’ could not be loaded.

  13. Hi,

    This is an amazing extension, thanks for all the hassle you put into making it available to everybody!!

    I do have a small issue though..

    I’ve followed the installation instructions but apparently I could only make it work (after quite a few attempts) by putting a copy of airglobal.swc airframework.swc and servicemonitor.swc (from Flex 3 “Moxie” build) in the “Actionscript 3 Classes” folder, it runs perfect besides that 5004 warning about the missing playerglobal.swc (which is still in the same location “Actionscript 3 Classes” folder”), the code is being checked and formated properly, your extension compiles AIR properly, Flash compiles SWF’s properly but i still get this 5004 warning.. any ideas about it?

    I should mention that I use Mac OSX 10.4.10 PPC.

    Just another small one: how do I use custom icon if the XML is generated on compile time and is compiled into the AIR file??



  14. I was having the problem, (as mentioned above at Posted by: Kevin at July 6, 2007 02:25 PM). Once I moved the ‘airglobal.swc’ file, everything was fine. Makes me think it wasn’t in the right directory to begin with and I should read instructions more closely. 😛 Thanks for the effort! Keep up the great work!

  15. I can’t seem to use any of the air specific code within my Flash AIR file. Am I supposed to be able to do things like launch a new NativeWindow? Are there import statements that I need to include?

  16. You will need to import any AIR API classes you want to work with.

    import flash.filesystem.File;

  17. I am having problems using the servicemonitor package. I keep getting an error stating that the compilor can’t find class. I have the airframework.swc, servicemonitor.swc in my actionScript 3.0 classes folder. What else do I need to do?

  18. How do I uninstall this?

    I get the “playerglobal.swc” error as well, despite the fact that playerglobal is definitely in \Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS3\en\Configuration\ActionScript 3.0

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