Flash opens the wrong panel: An automated fix

Since we released gProject, we receive about 2 emails each month reporting that opening the panel causes a different panel to open. This can cause duplicate panels, or panels that NEVER open. This is a flash issue, which has been widely reported. The solution is simple, although a little hard to explain, especially to people who have no idea where the flash configuration folder is.

Internally, we use a nifty little extension that automatically fixes the issue for you, for whatever version of flash you run it in.

For anyone who doesn’t know, flash indexes the panels in an XML file located in a file called panelset.xml in your flash configuration directory. Adding panels sometimes messes up those indices, but deleting the file will fix the issue. It will also remove your saved workspaces, but I think its worth it.

Our JSFL file toasts the xml file, and automatically restarts flash. The extension is by no means complex or ingenious. It is handy however. I hope someone out there finds this useful. If not, at least I can point people to this blog entry in the future.

Please note that this may delete your saved workspaces!

Download the file here

Lanny McNie

As the dev mgr, Lanny oversees the technical day-to-day details of production and makes sure things get out the door.



  1. Hi, did you consider calling the extension gFixPanel?

  2. would you know why i can’t get my actions panel to open on the second monitor? i have tried changing? the monitor attribute to 2 in the panelset.xml file but still no luck.

  3. Nice. That one has plagued me for a couple years.

  4. Good catch !

    Nothing here to find a solution that allows just to fix the problem and restore saved workspaces ?

  5. On a mac, killing the panelset.xml file while flash is running does not work on my machine.

    The panelset.xml file seems to be generated upon quiting flash. I am assuming this file is built based on data that Flash obtained during start up.

  6. Great.It was eating our head for a long time.




  7. On my intel mac, flash crashes each time I use this script. My panels are really screwed up and it seems to have gotten worse since I installed gProject.

    Any thoughts on how to remedy this? I’ve tried manually deleting the panelset.xml file but the problem persists.

  8. I now have the JSFL file and it is on my computer now what do I do? everything is the same, nothing.


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