Panel Pack 1 for Flash released

We finally scraped together enough time in our busy production schedule to polish off Panel Pack 1 for release. PP1 is a set of 4 custom panels to help streamline your Flash workflow. These panels are handy for both designers and developers, and while not all of them may be useful to you, we’ve priced them so that (hopefully) any one of them is worth the price of the pack.

Just like gProject, these were built for our own internal use, then polished up to sell. We’re not looking to make money off of them, but we are hoping to recoup a portion of the development costs.

We’ll blog about each panel in more depth over the next few days, but here’s a quick overview of what’s included with the pack:


Search the library, timeline or the contents of multiple files. Includes a multitude of options and modes not found in other Flash search tools. IMHO – this one alone is worth the price of admission.


Save, preview, and apply custom text styles, including font styles, antialiasing settings, embedded characters, kerning and more.


A simple, slick panel to track and organize groups of tasks within flash.


Save, preview, export and import custom timeline tweens, and apply them to multiple frames with one click.

These panels work in Flash MX 2004 (except for gTweens), and Flash 8. They have also been tested in the Flash 9 public alpha, though we aren’t offering official support for that version of the IDE yet.

We’re offering all four panels for the introductory price of $20, rising to $25 in one week. You can also purchase the pack together with gProject for $50 (a savings of $10).

For more information on the panels, or to purchase the pack, please visit our products page. We’re still polishing it up a bit, but the info should all be in place.

Grant Skinner

The "g" in gskinner. Also the "skinner".


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  1. I’m sold, order for the pack is on its way!

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