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In my rush to release the updated version of XML2, I managed to upload the wrong version, which had some issues. I didn’t have the proper version with me in LA, so it wasn’t until today that I was able to upload the proper version. My apologies to anyone who downloaded the prior version and was confused by it.

You can view all documentation, and download the proper version from my previous entry on XML2. You can tell if you have the latest version by looking at the comments at the top. The new version has a revision history, whereas the old version did not.

I also updated the demo FLA slightly to be a bit more straightforward.

Grant Skinner

The "g" in gskinner. Also the "skinner".


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  1. Hi Grant,

    The sendAndLoad work almost fine now.

    If you however pass a XML2 object as the second parameter which is different than the one calling sendAndLoad and you add the “complete” handler to it, it doesn’t get called.

    Is it supposed to work only when loading new xml in itself?

    snippet that doesn’work:

    myXML = new XML2();

    receiver = new XML2();


    myXML.sendAndLoad(URL, receiver);

    // function to handle the load event:

    function complete(p_evtObj:Object):Void {

    var XMLObj:XML = p_evtObj.target;

    trace(“success: “+p_evtObj.success);

    trace(“status: “+XMLObj.status);

    trace(“toString: “+XMLObj.toString());


    Thanks for the many great things you provide


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