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I’m a Married Man

Bobi and I were finally (9 years together) married on Saturday in the presence of our family and friends. It was a fun (though very tiring) day. The weather was even nice enough to clear up for the photos and the outdoor ceremony (which was lucky given the amount of rain we’ve had in the last week). I’ll be sure to post a few pictures when we get them from the photographer (could be a while).

Things are finally starting to settle down again, and I’m looking forward to married life. I certainly couldn’t ask for a better person to share it with.

Here’s a picture of the big honking man-ring I’m now lugging around.

Next post: glic update.

Dominatrix Girl Guides

Does your mother know you click on links with titles like “Dominatrix Girl Guides”? Sicko. 🙂

Just some unintentional porn my girlfriend dug up while looking through her old Girl Guide stuff for costume materials. At first glance, it looks like a pretty interesting handbook…

Man, I can’t wait to see my search engine referral logs for this post. 😛

A big sloppy thank you!

I just wanted to wish the whole Flash community a great big sloppy thank you for all the support and interest I’ve received over the past year. I looked over my long term web stats for the first time in months today, and realized my humble home on the web has had over 200,000 visitors, 5 million hits, and 2000 referring URLs in one year – I find that astounding!

Combine that with the wonderful response I’ve received to starting this blog (thank you fellow bloggers), and the 40,000 accesses to the gModeler application to date and I’m veritably giddy. 🙂

Keep on being wicked-cool everyone,


PS. Stay-tuned… starting Monday I will be blogging some great serial content on FlashMX 2004 and ActionScript 2.0.

Is there room for one more?

Well, due to urgings of friends/colleagues and my own interest in giving this blogging craze a try I have decided to join the plethora of Flash blogs. I won’t promise scintillating new content, but I will try to maintain an up-to-date, easy to read log of my thoughts and ideas regarding Flash, internet technology, and my own work (conferences, projects, articles, etc). I’ve also tried to create an aesthetically pleasing blog – hopefully I haven’t failed too miserably.

I’d certainly welcome input on this new endeavour – critiques of the design, thoughts on content, and ideas for growth are all welcome.

I hope this blog is useful to many, but most importantly I hope it serves as a place to preserve my thoughts (and my writing skills).