GDispatcher bug fixed.

I’ve uploaded a new version of GDispatcher that fixes a small error in the code that was causing a compiler error.

You can download the new version here (1kb).

There should be a beta 2 release in the next day or so, as I mull through some major compatibility issues with the highly discombobulated UIEventDispatcher class. Some days I wonder if Command HQ doesn’t go out of its way to make things overly difficult for us guys in the trenches – the v2 component framework seems to be irrefutable proof of it

Grant Skinner

The "g" in gskinner. Also the "skinner".



  1. Let me know if there’s anything I can help with… Not my code, but I guess I know it pretty well.

  2. that super.constructor.apply, tip seems to have problems with multiple levels of inheritance. Flash seems to go into 256 levels of recursion if you use it.

  3. can gDispatcher be mixed in to replace the eventDispatcher in, for example, UIObject?

    I’m trying to make some components (and need them to properly handle parameters) so it looks like I’m pretty much stuck with UIObject for now…see

    I like the approach you’re taking with GDispatcher, but need a few of the component authoring hacks that Macromedia wrote for UIObject. Any suggestions?

  4. Sean – I’m actually working on that right now… there are some major barriers to doing it though (thanks Macromedia), but I should have some kind of solution done later today or tomorrow.

    Nigel – email me if you read this.



  5. Choosing a Flash Event Engine That’s Right For You

    What event engine is right for you? Read on to find out! Careful, she’s a long one……

  6. Where is GDispatcher class file? is very useful (according to the explanation) but I could not get the .zip



  7. Hi Grant, I’ve been using GDispatcher for while. It’s great. But, we have a new client who is worried about software licenses. Could you clarify the gDispatcher license? Right now (and I’m no lawyer) the license reads, “You may NOT re-distribute or sell this code in any form.” Any form kind of implies a swf. I’m assuming that we are allowed to sell and distributes swfs we make that use gDispatcher, correct?

    Thanks, Doug

  8. I’ve uploaded a newer version with a more open license. I also plan to release this code on OSFlash in the very near future. In the meantime, please use the link above to get the latest version.

  9. I’m using the Beta 2 version, love it btw, but it seems to break mx.utils.Delegate when used in a scope that’s subscribing to events from a class that dispatches with GDispatcher. Note, i’m not trying to use Delegate directly with GDispatcher, but they both exist in the same body of code.

    I still need Delegate for other classes that do not use GDispatcher. Basically the Delegate seems to silently fail. I wrote my own Proxy-like Delegate which allows for function arguments, but all I really need in this case is Delegate, and if people don’t have or know about my class that I work with I would like for the mx Delegate to work if that’s what they choose to use. Have you come across this? BTW, I searched OSFlash and didn’t see GDispatcher there. Is it though?



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