FLAws: Prologue

Recently, I have been working on a number of interesting projects that have allowed me to really test FlashMX 2004 as an application development platform. While I am very happy with the workflow improvements in the new version, I have also encountered a number of fairly large flaws that can make developing applications in F04 a migraine-inducing experience. Because of this, I have decided to start a new series of posts called “FLAws” (oh how witty), which will outline these issues as I encounter them.

My intent is not to just bitch about these problems. It is to raise these problems in Macromedia’s collective consciousness, and to help others avoid the same headaches by providing suggestions and work-arounds. I also welcome input from the community – if I get something wrong, you have a work-around to share, or you have discovered a problem I haven’t mentioned (please research it thoroughly first), please drop a note in the comments.

I suppose the first of the FLAws was really the EULA issues, which are still outstanding, but I think I’ve covered those well enough (at least for now). I will be making my first official FLAws post later today with a description of a Flash Player 7 bug that has caused us a lot of grief, and some workarounds.

Grant Skinner

The "g" in gskinner. Also the "skinner".



  1. FLAcunes…

    Ça promet! Grant Skinner nous promet ici une série d’articles basées sur ses expériences de développement avec MX04. Il y traitera des problèmes (qu’il appele FLAws) qu’il a rencontré, non pas dans le but de “bitcher” mais dans le but…

  2. Flash Player 7 drops click events

    Grant Skinner have been looking at some flaws, very recently he came up with a write up on the issue of the Flash player which drops click events under stress condition….

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