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I said I’d post back here when I had some more information, and attendee comments on my “Flash MX 2004 Enterprise Development” workshop. Well, now I do… read on.

This workshop is going to be awesome… I don’t think I’ve put this much work into a personal project since gModeler and FlashOS2, and I’m really excited about instructing it. I’ve personally learned a ton preparing the materials, and I plan to pass as much of that as I can on to my students. The workshop will be running in Toronto prior to FlashInTheCan – if you’re local, or you’re planning on flying in for the conference, you should check out the info on the FlashInTheCan website – this workshop will make you more productive, and more valuable in the Flash marketplace.

Here’s the workshop outline (or click here for a full size outline):

And here are a few comments from the students in the local trial run of this course (and it is being massively refined to be even better for Toronto):

“I’ve gained the knowledge and skills needed to�further harness the power and possibilites of�Flash MX 2004 Pro. Your high-energy and dynamic approach made even the geekiest of topics interesting.”

S. Mulcahy


“Hey Grant, unbelievable course. It was a fantastic transition from ActionScript to ActionScript 2.0, and your examples made it that much easier. Aside from code, the lectures on best practices, usability, and working with other developers were exactly what I was looking for. I would definitely suggest this course to any flash developer wishing to go beyond simple website creation, and start developing useful, useable, and well written Rich Internet pplications.”

N. Sorochan

“This course gave me the confidence to deliver on large-scale Flash projects, and provided me with invaluable material to pass on to my own students. The technical excellence that Grant was able share in the classroom cannot be found in any help file, tutorial or API. There is absolutely no faster way to upgrade your skills to Flash MX Professional 2004 and ActionScript 2.0.

I highly recommend Flash MX 2004 Enterprise Development with Grant Skinner for any intermediate/advanced Flash developer looking to take their skills soaring to the next level. This is a rare opportunity to learn from a world-class, award winning developer.”

M. Graves

Multimedia Instructor

“This class helped me gain the inside edge and has made me more productive and efficient.”

R. Matsikas


For more info on the workshop, or to register, go to flashinthecan.com and click on my photo in the right hand column. Or fire me an email.

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