JSFL: Open Bound Class(es)

This is a little JSFL script I put together the other day after being inspired by a similar idea from Tony at Teknision.

The purpose of this script is to launch any AS2 classes bound to the selected items in your library. Comes in super handy if bound to a keyboard shortcut.

The concept is pretty simple so there isn’t much to explain, two things to look out for:

1) There is a variable (var classPath) in the script that you may (or may not) have to change to reflect yer own development enviroment.

2) Right now it only works relative to the .fla, so like /classPath/com/gskinner/etc ..

I do have some idea’s for more/better functionality, but I’m not sure it’s quite possible in this iteration of JSFL.

The script can be downloaded from here, and if you have any comments/suggestion for improvement or whatnot please leave a comment.

Hope you enjoyed my first gBlog post, stay tuned for more.

Grant Skinner

The "g" in gskinner. Also the "skinner".



  1. (link to zip is dead)

    But the post is of better quality than the usual trash we see on here, eh Grant 😉

  2. julian (aka dr.swank) October 19, 2004 at 3:25am

    if this script is to be used on a mac you will need to change the following on line 26:

    var cPath = String(dLoc + classPath + cLoc).split(“:”).join(“|”);


    var cPath = String(dLoc + classPath + cLoc).split(“:”).join(“/”);

    please note the | replaced by / in the join call.

    cheers, Julian

  3. I found a jsfl that delete the not used clips of library. I’m sorry, my english is very bad

  4. Julian,

    I’ll have to look into that, cause if I change that line, it will break on pc for sure.

  5. sorry for a JSFL question:

    i can use fl.runScript() to run a JSFL script ,but i cannot find out some way to run a custom panel(swf in WindowSWF folder) .:(

    because i wrote an extension demo to display all the commands and panels in a panel,so i wonder some way to run these SWF in WindowSWF folder as a panel ,not open them directly.

    here could download my extension demo:


    this website is simplified Chinese.

    thanks! i am waiting for your answer!

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