Flash 8: Seafoam

Here’s an experiment I built for Flash Player 8 with my crystallization logic. It utilizes a custom bitmap caching routine to allow a larger canvas, and much higher level of graphical complexity than my previous crystallization experiments. One of the things I find interesting about this piece (which is actually true of a fair number of the pieces I’ll be posting), is that it uses vector graphics and even timeline animations to draw the base graphics, but you never actually see the vectors. The vectors are basically drawn in a hidden clip, then blitted onto bitmaps (with effects applied) without ever being rendered to screen directly.

Flash Player 8 is required. Click anywhere below to initiate the experiment.

Grant Skinner

The "g" in gskinner. Also the "skinner".



  1. That’s crystalicious…not!

  2. Wonderful experience..

    just for information, when I start the crystalisation by clicking down on the swf, my browser (firefox) has problem.. I cannot edit my text in the textarea for comment 🙁

  3. Indeed, in Firefox, it seems that the Flash player is eatting up update cycles or something similar.

    Nice piece!

    Where is your hidden MC? Is it on the design surface but off stage? I am having a discussion with another developer about where we are able to pull MC images from. For example, I am wondering about using the image of MCs that are only located in the library vs. having to be rendered on Stage. Had not thought about having off stage MCs though.

    Are you using copyPixels or get/setPixel ?

  4. Firefox on the Mac is known to have issues. If this is occuring on Windows as well, you should probably report it to Macromedia.

    The MC is on stage, and I am blitting it to the bitmap using the draw method of BitmapData. I don’t believe there is a way of directly drawing parts of a library item into a bitmap.

  5. in Windows the same issue. this issue was in FP7 also (found in FlashMyAdmin). nice experiment! will you share the logic?

  6. I plan on sharing a lot of the code for the experiments I’m showing after Flash 8 ships. I can only show the SWFs right now.

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