Flash 8: DevNet Article Series

Macromedia has been working hard to ensure there will be a steady stream of information available to developers when Studio 8 drops, and here at gskinner.com we’ve been working hard to help them. We’re writing a series of DevNet articles, which will be released over the next couple months, on some of the hottest new features in Flash 8 Professional.

The first three, which should be released over the course of the next month include: an exploration of my varicose-g experiment in Flash 8; a beginners guide to preparing and importing video with alpha channels using After Effects and Flash 8; and a look at binary numbers, hex numbers, bitwise operators and color values. We’re planning to follow those up with a few more great articles on important Flash 8 topics.

Keep an eye out for them and a ton of other great content on the Macromedia DevNet. We’ll also post here as each article is released, along with other tips and code.

Here’s a look at varicose-gv8 (which you might recognize from a MM keynote). The latest Flash 8 player is required.

Grant Skinner

The "g" in gskinner. Also the "skinner".



  1. Hey Hey, I metniond the slight ‘jumping’ on your jungle vine demo, this one doesn’t appear to have any – unless it’s just too fast. I looks pretty, the vine was prettier tho, have you thought about moving into generative art like Jared Tarbell (www.complexifictaion.net , http://www.levitated.net)- He uses proce55ing a lot recently for his pictures, but I’m so eager to try and push flash now it has more features and power.

  2. Yah, this one uses a lot less processing power, so is a lot less likely to be jerky. It’s also applying the color effects constantly, so there are no jumps with that.

    I’m a fan of Jared’s work, and think it’s awesome that he’s managed to move digital work onto paper. I’m not sure any of my pieces translate overly well into print – they tend to be pretty motion heavy.

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