Flash 8: Webcam Fire

I’ve been building out some new demos for upcoming conference sessions and workshops, and really like this one, which generates fire onscreen based on webcam motion. It basically turns you into the Human Torch. I think it’s a nice counterpoint to my Webcam Snowstorm experiment – fire and ice.

Another thing I find really cool about this is that it’s only a 1kb swf. Good work Flash engineering team!

Check it out, Flash 8 Player and a webcam is required:

Shameless plug: If you’d like to learn how to build this (and not just dissemble the code, but really understand the underlying logic), check out my Flash 8 Bootcamps coming up in Toronto (Nov 11-12) and Los Angeles (Dec 2-3).

Here’s a couple of screenshots for readers without a webcam, though they don’t really do it justice:

Grant Skinner

The "g" in gskinner. Also the "skinner".



  1. grant, this is totally awesome.

    great job-

  2. Wonderfull Grant!

  3. i like it !!!!

    very good effect !

  4. and thanks for source……

  5. awesome effect!!!

    thank you for sharing!

  6. I could not find the source file ??

  7. Flipping the image (like a mirror, MSN video chat style) would make it a lot easier to act coordinated infront of the camera!

  8. Asolutely amazing!

  9. this is some awesome stuff man!


    Is the source open?? Is it shared ??

  10. Grant,

    your sample is genious

    i’ve tried to do the same with my poor code but the result is extavagantless : http://jeanphiblog.media-box.net/dotclear/index.php?2005/11/06/174-flash-8-thresholdlight-my-fire

  11. Awesome work grant!

    Just wondering, do you plan on releasing a dvd of any of these workshops? I’m in sydney, I’d love for you to come down under and do a bootcamp here for us, but otherwise a dvd I could buy would be the next best thing 😉

  12. Thank you to give us hope!


  13. wow! it’s very cool effect! congratulations!!! how did you do?

  14. i borrowed a webcam just to see this cool effect!

  15. Toooooooo awesome!!! I’ve been standing in front of the camera for like 2 hours loll

  16. Lots of fun! Great work!

    Always enjoy creative limits being pushed with flash.

    keep it up!

    a co-worker and I had some fun with it, check it out:


  17. 🙁 i can’t fiind the source file Èather

  18. Can I download this somewhere or something?

    so i can use this online 😛 xD

  19. This is very interesting… Truly allows me to live up to my onscreen moniker… Flashy Frannie…

  20. pas mal du tout!

    Tres surprenant…merci de rentrer chez moi a l improviste!

  21. Trop bien excellent !!!


  22. Rafael A. Tsuchiya January 13, 2006 at 11:27am

    Very nice work! there’s any chance to download or recive the code? Thanks from your brazilian friends!

  23. can i use this as a plugin for ymessenger or other other broadcasts from my web cam?… if so could you please tell me where can i get it?

    thank you

  24. can you please explain me how this effects is working i am new to flash development i came to your site by checking the varicose-g project in macromedia site i am very much eager to know the technology behind this

  25. Wicked, wicked effect. Keep up the top notch work!

  26. great affect man

    keep up the amazing work

  27. Cool! Check this link, this will help ye! If you’d use the movement detection as a alpha key for a fire animation, and animate the aplha key to move up a bit, you get something like this fire effect.

  28. Is there any source for this yet ?

  29. it’ s incroyable!!!

    you are very stronger^^!!

    pls let us your code or then of fluiddynamis in your galery incomplete pls!!!

    let us you code

    pls pls pls

  30. Hey guys check this out. Somehow it bypassed my webcam and displayed channels from my tv tuner! Check out TLC’s Take Home Chef on FIRE!


  31. bello!

    it would be nice to be able to change color of flame.

    Was the source code available?

  32. Amazing! is there a file you could share? please? it would be amazing to follow the code and see how this thing functions!

  33. That is a nice effect especially for the small file size!

  34. Wheres the code? September 4, 2006 at 1:20pm

    Where do you get the code!!!

  35. cool man , it this an open source!

  36. Wow this is an nice effect, but i would b nice if it was released as open source.

    But loving this 🙂

  37. could sum1 plz tell me if u can dwnload dis sumwhere for msn fnk yooh x

  38. Effect is amazing, keep it up!

    Great work.

  39. Hello I’m Italin.

    I could not find the source file ?

    You Are post me?


  40. where can i get he sourse for this/….this is awesome…good work thanks

  41. wow…it’s COOL

  42. Excelent et super genial

    Note sur 100 = 100,et c’est clair et net ! ! !

    Denis le 21/03/2007.

  43. i can’t find the source…

    can i get the source???

  44. bonjour ,je ne sais pas comment activer ce gadjet sur mon blog et si c’est pobile mais c’est trop cool!

  45. Well! this is my first comment on that site and I must say it looks very pretty, and the fonts are particularly well chosen. its good to see the source file nice work keep going.I am glad to post my views and points in this blog.

  46. Mordren Everdark April 27, 2007 at 10:20am

    How do i download it or do wotever i have 2 do 2 use in on my pc???

  47. c’est genial ce petit programme

  48. c cool sa

  49. it doesnt work on the new imac & isight

  50. WOW!! this is nothing short of amazing! is there any way i’d be able to view the source code? cos well…it’s a awesome effect and i like it…and i’d love to know how this thing works…never seen this work before…well..i have, but not this well! it’d be cool if you could point me in the right direction so i could find the source.

    thanx alot!

    …thats so cool…wow…

  51. Try this cool one! http://ugly.balooba.se

    You’ll ned a mac of course, but probably you’ve already got one.

  52. cool need source please

  53. jz vais la nere a moi

  54. congratulations , u made a really amazing effect in this video many thnx and thnx at the people have written you , cuz i’m italian and i had a very interesting english lesson , thnk u !!!!

  55. Max… Really a great work man..

  56. Hi,

    super WoW!!!! is the source code available for commercial purposes? Can you develop other effects like Coke-Bubble, Cigarrette, Do-Re-Mi etc. We are very interested in such kind of effect

  57. Nice work! there’s any chance to download or recive the code? Thanks from your brazilian friends!

  58. how can i download it for msn?

  59. how can I get the source????

  60. on prendre des photo avec ce truc

  61. Is there anyway I can use this with MSN?

  62. j’adore c’est trop bien

    PS :faite bouger les choses otour de vous elle prencron feu !!!!!!!!!!!

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  64. kes ki dise ??? lol

  65. je comprend pas langlais je sui francaises

  66. where can i get the source code???

  67. Hello I’m chilean.

    I could not find the source file ?

  68. wheres the source file or how can i get it?

  69. Amazing effect, wondering if I can get the source, am actually trying to right applications to detect colour and movement to detect animals moving around farms etc.

  70. There is one kind question.

    Will see the flash CS3 technical document and will be able to establish only the webcam in one. In same type establishes the webcam in 2 and the screen where the respectively camera is different receives and is the stereo webcam production impossible?

    Uses the flash and tries to produce the holography which is simple wants.

  71. is there a way i can download this but make it my default filter so when i do video chats on AIM messenger that my image will look like this? thnx :0 cool btw

  72. :))please send me source code: miczel11@gmail.com

  73. Rayan, you such an idiot

  74. can u plez send me the source link my email is bert111591@yahoo.com

  75. can u plez send me the source.

    my email is iamblakee@sina.com

  76. Hey! I now your not going to send us the code that easy, and I don’t now if there is someone in the Earth who thinks that, but thats not me. What can I do to get that damn source code?

  77. how can i download it for msn?send for my email: carloswieser@hotmail.com

  78. idiot!!! doom!

  79. perfect! incredible!

  80. Hole Shit! I am two hours in front of the PC see myself burning.

    Say Hello to Brazil!

  81. eric moreira July 1, 2009 at 4:06pm

    Otimoooo !!!! very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. How can I download that?

  83. I love you technologie

  84. O programa é muito bom eu particularmente gostei muito, as chamas, as labaredas, show de bola

  85. Hi, it’s really love it…

    bro when i am trying to make the preview or the screen size bigger 600 x 800 pix it is pixelating, how do we change the size so that we can view on full screen.

  86. trop demant le jeu

  87. ptin trop frai ce jeu

  88. C trp cool !!!!!!! vou devrez y jouer

  89. sibrah le boss de kalliste

  90. I don’t find where the link how to download it. Someone help :S?

  91. Try screaming this at your webcam: FLAME ON!

  92. Sauce?

    Absolutely excellent work. Love it.

  93. j’adore sa parait vrai(I like this like reals!)

  94. ses génial(it is genial !!)

  95. ses trop trop genial mais putin de merde

  96. je suis un homme j ‘ai un fire

  97. Can you please send me the program to use this in msn/skype?

  98. Awesome stuff Grant! Please send me the source!

  99. there are more cool effect in faceto8.blogspot.com
    there is also fire effect batter than this

  100. c trop cool mais comment on fait pour enregister la video?????

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  106. wow it is Awesome

  107. this is so awesome and very cool i like it

  108. j’adore et c’est super original !

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