gProject Version 1.3 Released

We have just completed and released version 1.3 of our alternative project panel for the Flash authoring environment. gProject 1.3 adds significant new features requested by our user base, including:

  • Locations: add directories to your project that do not reside within your main project directory. This can be done globally (for all projects), or per project. Locations will be displayed at the top of the file browser with a new blue folder icon. Network locations display with a variation of the blue icon.

  • Network support: gProject now has full support for projects and locations that are on networks.

  • Quick Project: this feature lets you create a new temporary project based on the front-most FLA. Great for times when you want to quickly take advantage of file browsing or standardized class creation without a permanent project. Quick projects have all of the features of full projects, and can be easily converted into a permanent project.

  • Class path enhancements: the panel now supports new options for specifying class paths, including relative (ex. ../src/classes) and absolute paths. Regardless of the class path location, the classes directory will be aliased at the top of the file browser with a new green directory icon.

  • Organize Library: Added a new utility menu item that will organize your FLA’s library based on linkages.

We’ve also added a number of smaller fixes and enhancements, including:

  • Re-worked the Context-Menus to avoid occasional crashing in Flash 8
  • Fixed bugs related to Autofill-UI, such as repeated elements, and improperly-typed elements.
  • Reworked Autofill-UI to be faster, and report errors better
  • Long paths in the accordion header smartly-truncated to fit minimum width.
  • Added proper idle behaviors for all alerts/dialogs in Flash 8 (no timeouts).
  • Utility functions fixed on Mac.
  • Added support for removing empty folders on a Mac.
  • Added support for mCom to Autofill-UI, as well as Flash 8 components (FLVPlayback)
  • Context menu added to the test project button, with other publish options
  • Menu reorganized
  • Added option to show/hide hidden folders
  • Added option to show/hide classes folder — Hiding reverts to original behaviour

All registered users will be receiving the new version shortly via email. We’ve also added a new upgrade model that will allow users to upgrade directly from the website in the future, instead of receiving emailed updates. If you have purchased gProject, and don’t receive the new update by the end of this week, please email gskinner __AT__ kagi __DOT__ com.

All new purchasers will of course receive the new version immediately.

To coincide with this release, we have also launched a new product site. It currently only houses gProject, but we hope to add some freebies and more products in the near future.

So far, the feedback has been phenomenal for gProject, and we’d like to keep it coming. Let us know what you think of this new release, and what you’d like to see for 1.4. Thanks to everyone who has provided us with feedback and encouragement thus far!

Grant Skinner

The "g" in gskinner. Also the "skinner".



  1. Can’t wait till I get the e-mail. *holds breath*

  2. It has now been sent out to all licensed users. If you didn’t receive your copy, please send us an email. Thanks.

  3. Hi Grant,

    Thanks for the greate update! The only thing that I’m missing is the possibility to test my main fla-file using something like ctrl-alt-p when editing an AS-document (since commands are not available).

    Usually the panel does not have focus, but I tried that you still can retreive the keys that are currently pressed. If you test for something like:

    if (Key.isDown(80) && Key.isDown(Key.CONTROL) && Key.isDown(18)) // ctrl-alt-p

    every enterFrame you would be able to implement movie testing even when editing AS-documents.


  4. Hello!

    I’d appreciate the option of creating new FLA’s from templates in a later release.



  5. Does gProject integrate with SourceSafe?

  6. I just installed gProject and love it! And as soon as I’ll be using it for some time I’ll post some more and precise compliments…

    As of now, the only thing I miss is: isn’t there a way to open AS/JSFL files in the AS editor I prefer? I’m using SEPY, and I have to open AS from explorer in order to edit them outside of Flash.

    Anyway, really: great panel!

    Have a nice day


  7. Now I used gProject for some time and: it’s absolutely great! The “Compile list” feature is sooooooooo wonderful, it’s saving lots of my time when changing classes.

    Have a nice day


    P.S. I know, I know: I can’t help asking for something more…

    1) it would be pretty if you could stop the compilation from being executed. So if you realize there’s an error you don’t have to “cancel” every publishing until the last one.

    2) a “refresh” button on the panel would be pretty too. If I change the name of a file in the project directory, I have to open another project and then go back in order to refresh gProject.

  8. Daniele,

    Glad you’re loving it!

    1) We’ll take a look at this – but I’m not certain that there is a usable model in the JSAPI for supporting it.

    2) There is a refresh command in the main menu under project. We’ll consider putting a refresh button on the bottom bar for easier access.

    3) Currently no way of opening in external editor, but we’re looking at adding this for Windows only (no way to do it for Mac, which is part of the reason we haven’t added it to date).

  9. Grant – I’m having a problem with the panel where every time I try to open it it opens the NetConnection Debugger. I have installed it on a second machine to test (assuming it was something funky on one machine) and am having the same problem. Is this something you have seen before?

  10. Jay

    The problem you are describing is a flash bug, and exists in both Flash 7 and 8. We have found the solution provided by works. Check it out at

  11. Great program,

    the only thing is i can not add fla’s to the compile list with right clicking on them in the flash 8 authering tool.



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