gProject Review by John Grden

John Grden, Director of Flash Platform for BLITZ Agency (and creator of Flasc and XRay) just posted a very positive review of gProject and how it has impacted his daily work. It’s awesome to read comments like this, especially from smart, super-capable Flash Developers like John. We never built gProject to make a lot of money, we just hoped to provide a tool that would help people in their job, and develop a model that would let us continue to enhance that tool. For more info on gProject, visit the gProject product page.

John was also extremely complimentary of some training I did with his team a little while back. He’s actually giving me a fat(ter?) head. I’m really psyched to hear that it’s made such a big difference in his career! (and by the way, I do offer on-site training if anyone is interested, just send me an email)

I swear I didn’t pay John for such a ringing endorsement of all things “g”, though I suppose now I’ll have to burn those incriminating photos… 🙂

Grant Skinner

The "g" in gskinner. Also the "skinner".



  1. I agree with John; gProject has simplified so many things in my daily Flash-work. Thanky you for that Grant! 🙂

  2. Just imagine….. FLASC + gProject

    g F l a s c t ???

  3. I’ve already started talking to them about possible hooks. Now that it’s flushed out (Flasc), it’d be cool to do auto discovery on an FLA, fill in the class paths based on assets in the library, and have a compile option from the extended menu in gProject 😉

    that probably won’t happen until I get this mac shared library done so we can run apple script from the Flash IDE 😉 Then maybe we can get Grant to put in the “launch with external editor” option in.

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