The Coolest Flash 3D Demo Ever!

Last week, I was hunting around for a compelling speed comparison demo that I could use to show how much faster AS3 execution was than AS2 for the MacWorld Flash Forward keynote. I wanted something exciting and very visual that ran in both AS2 and AS3. Remembering that the awesome open source Paper vision 3D project by Carlos Ulloa and John Grden had recently been updated to AS3, I pinged John to see whether he could put together a cool demo in the meager 4 days I had before the session. Let me tell you… the man came through with gusto! Not only did he throw together an amazing demo contrasting AS2 rendering 900 faces at 5fps versus AS3 rendering almost 8000 faces at 25fps, but he did it in only two days, while doing normal work and accommodating all of my anal retentive requests (admit it John, those requests were the cilantro in your salsa *grin*).

The demo totally blew away the audience at MacWorld. Not only is it an amazing speed demo, but it’s the coolest piece of 3D I have seen to date in Flash. 7 x-wing fighters, 7 tie fighters, 1 death star, and Endor all flying around a star field with a chase-plane style camera.

If you want to see a stunning example of AS3’s speed gains, or just want to check out where 3d in Flash is headed, you should click over to John’s blog. Then, head over the OSFlash page for the Papervision3D project for more great demos and info.

(btw – the demo runs beautifully in full screen mode on a MacBook – as John says, Flash doesn’t look like Flash anymore)

Grant Skinner

The "g" in gskinner. Also the "skinner".



  1. AVM2 is really great, amazing stuff!


  2. That is one amazing demo!

    Have been watching the papervision blog for about a month now and every demo that gets posted there using the engine underlines the fact that AS3 is a massive leap (check out the seahorse and full screen quicktime VR swfs).

    I really gota start learning AS3…


  3. otteri selvakumar January 14, 2007 at 7:31am


    Too cath

    too flash…!

  4. Another impressive piece of 3d in Flash.

  5. Freaking………..awesome……I want to play. I want to shoot the tie fighters

  6. Indeed, awesome demo, especially in such a short term. But you’ll be surprised what some people are working on and still keeping under the hood, i guarantee that the boom is about to come 😉

  7. Hey Grant Nice post.Just saw it yersetady I like it a lot. Check out the Bitmap Dissolve here

  8. Hi Shun,

    Very cool stuff man. I really like the Bitmap dissolving Point. For more AS3 logon to

    Cheers man.


  9. provide more source codes/…………

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