The Evolution of Video in Flash

Back in the good ol’ days, Flash was very popular among many for playing media. It was used, online and offline, for displaying animations, showing presentations, and general advertising. Though there weren’t all that many options back then, such popularity still came mostly because it was simple. It was able to animate vector art very […]

Introduction to the Flash CC HTML5 Canvas Document

With Adobe Flash Professional CC® you are able to publish HTML5 Canvas documents directly. Initially this was done using the Toolkit for CreateJS extension, however it has now been completely integrated into Flash, configurable from the Publish settings. Those who are familiar with publishing content with the Flash IDE will find themselves able to create HTML5-ready […]

The flash.sampler.* API and the Sample object

The flash.sampler.* package gives you access to the same profiling data via AS3 that FlashBuilder uses for it’s profiler. It’s a very useful API for performance and memory profiling, offering enhanced introspection tools, more granular timing, method invocation counts, and of course invocation sampling. I thought I’d write up a quick post about the API to help people get started with using it.

Flash Player 10.1 Prerelease on Labs

Adobe just released a beta / prerelease of Flash Player 10.1 on labs. Major improvements include global error handling, out of memory handling, better browser integration, support for browser privacy modes, globalization support, media streaming enhancements, additional content protection options, and a focus on mobile including multitouch….