Flutter Vignettes updated to Dart 3.x

We’re happy to announce that the Flutter Vignettes have been updated to Dart 3.x and Flutter 3.19! This will allow developers to more easily build the Vignettes and port the relevant source code to their own projects.

If you’ve forgotten what the Vignettes are (or never knew about them in the first place!) you can check out our micro-site or view the video below as a refresher. In short: they are a collection of micro-experiments that attempt to push the boundaries of what is visually possible in Flutter. Their purpose is to inspire designers and developers to push their Flutter apps to the next level.

The migration was a significant lift with 17 different Vignettes that needed to updated to NNBD (non-null-by-default) as well as the latest Flutter APIs. Luckily we had a little help from the community! On that note, we’d like to extend a special thanks to community member @SoroushBeigi who helped migrate several of the vignettes and also performed QA and testing.

If you’re interested in digging into the source code you can check it out on GitHub at https://github.com/gskinnerTeam/flutter_vignettes.

Flutter Vignettes on iOS!

In addition to the Dart 3 migration we were also able to get approval for the Vignettes Playground App on the Apple App store! The app allows you to explore all the Vignettes in a single experience without having to build them yourself. Each example links to the relevant source code from within the app.

Follow the links below to check them out for yourself:

[UPDATE, May 5, 2024]: Google has de-listed the app on Android due to a glitch in their review process. We’re currently working with them to get it restored.

It’s worth noting that the iOS version is built using the new Impeller rendering engine so performance is better than ever. We’ve also taken this opportunity to polish the large-screen support so the experiences should look great on your iPads and Android tablets as well as desktop and web platforms.

With these updates we’re hoping to extend the life into the Vignettes project and continue to inspire designers / developers looking to push their Flutter apps to the next level.

If you have any questions or comments please let us know below!


Shawn has worked as programmer and product designer for over 20 years, shipping several games on Steam and Playstation and dozens of apps on mobile. He has extensive programming experience with Dart, C#, ActionScript, SQL, PHP and Javascript and a deep proficiency with motion graphics and UX design. Shawn is currently the Technical Director for gskinner.



  1. Awesome work!
    Unfortunately the app is not available for my device (Asus Zenfone 9, released 2 years ago) in Italy

  2. The updated Android app should be available in the next day or so (it’s been sitting in review for a couple days). Keep your eyes peeled!

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