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The blog has been pretty quiet lately. Things have been really busy with conferences and workshops in addition to normal work. I’ve also been working hard on a personal project called gallery incomplet, which I’m launching today at [Note: moved to] is a timeline of experimental Flash pieces that I have played with and never really completed. It currently houses work from 2004-2005, but I plan to include pieces all the way back to 1999 over the next few months. The site was designed with usability in mind but it wasn’t a driving concern, I was more interested in creating a simple, small (35kb), attractive shell that didn’t distract from the experiments which are the obvious focus. Likewise, there are few compromises for older systems – the site requires a fast processor, Flash Player 8, and at least a 1024×768 screen.

Just as the experiments are never really complete, the gallery will continue to evolve as I add content, update functionality, and tweak the design. The whole site is really an exercise in passionate procrastination.

Click over to and have a look. I’d love to hear what you think of it. [Note: moved to]

Of interest, the splash screen is designed to quickly test all of the requirements for the site. It tests for javascript and the Flash player version, and utilizes auto-update when needed. It does a rough test for the processor speed, and pulses the “>2ghz” line red if it fails. Stage size is also monitored, and the “1024×768” text pulses red if it is too small to display the site properly. You can resize the browser window and see the indicator show and hide according to the current window size.

I’ll post about some of the solutions/tricks I used while creating this site in the near future.

I’m also going to try to maintain an update log here (mostly for my own records):

2005/12/07: Added “Fluids”.

2005/12/09: Added “Clouds / Fog”.

2005/12/09: Updates: made gallery “pod” shadows dynamic (based on distance from center), added folded corner indicators for visited items (uses LSO to maintain persistence between visits).

2005/12/11: Added “Transcendence”.

Grant Skinner

The "g" in gskinner. Also the "skinner".



  1. Great piece! The small part I like the best, is that the thumbnails appear / disappear as you scroll across the timeline. Would like to know the methods used to turn those on/off based on scroll position.


  2. Hey Grant, these are very cool experiments! I love the drumkit and even the surrounding site. Too sad, that we had no longer talk at spark. Awesome work.

  3. Awesome! Love the simple UI and effective use of Flash 8 filters. I assume you will be going over all of them on Friday at the workshop. 😉

  4. Looks awesome Grant. Can’t wait to have some spare time to go through some of the stuff I haven’t seen before.

  5. Nice Grant. I love the look and feel and navigation. The one thing that confused me was how to return to the timeline after viewing an experiment. Took me a while to find the little “x”. But then again, it’s probably alzheimer’s setting in. 🙂

  6. Very nice ! Love it !

    Watch out, the magnifying is alittle bit buggy… You can’t put it in the middle of the image !

    See ya !

  7. Forget it, you noticed it !

  8. amazing work grant, very enjoyable to use and good design!

    gr8 works too!

  9. nice show.

    // chall3ng3r //

  10. I never knew you could play the drums. Nice site grant.

  11. Nice work Grant! great to see all your work in one place!

  12. Joder!

    Está de puta madre.

    Felicidades. Por esta pequeña joya.

  13. Looks really great! I’m looking forward for your article where you talk about how you created this

    shell (mechanics, used open source tools for

    effects & animations, etc.).


  14. What Grant Skinner is REALLY up to

    Gallery Incomplet — passionate procrastination

  15. beautiful work

    the increasing tactility of the interface

    (video batons especially)

    and yr dexterity with code are astounding

    i pay homage…

    would be nice to see such work incorporated within a longer structurally-sophisticated fiction

    the net is ripe for many such works



  16. So you are married and have a real job?

    so where do you get the time for this stuff? I suppose you have 2 kids too…

    Great work as always.

  17. Just to let you know, when I tried viewing the site in IE with Flash player 8.5 installed, it told me I needed 8. Perhaps you should only check for versions before 8? 😉

  18. I can’t open it!why?

  19. Hiya Grant, great site, I especially like your Dynamic Keying Experiment, could you by any chance reveal the source code to it, it is super cool!!

  20. Hello! This gallery it’s great! Fantastic work! But I’d like that the resources are available. Is it possible?

    P.S: Sorry,if i have mistaces,i have learned english for 2 years in Hungary.

  21. great, great work.. CONGRATULATIONS!

    how do you do for remove similar pixel in dynamic keiyng?

    i know you have to images,the background and the current image.. but if i use pixel by pixel comparation is to slow..

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