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There has been a lot of interest in this lately, so I thought I would make a formal announcement (does blogging count as a formal announcement?). I am currently licensing large portions of my code library for commercial use. This includes the full source code for Flash0S2, the source code for gModeler, and the code for the site. This is in addition to the smaller licensable items like Pathfinder, the gesture recognition engine (also serves as a generic pattern recognition engine), XMLQueue, etc.

I’ve had a few companies license the FlashOS2/gModeler combo, and it seems to be working well for them.

There should be a lot more code available for license in the not too distant future, as Phil and I develop our new “top-secret” project, code-named Daedalus.

If you’re interested in licensing any of this code, fire me an email (the contact button at the top of the page).

Grant Skinner

The "g" in gskinner. Also the "skinner".



  1. Skinner licenses

    Skinner licenses: Grant Skinner is author of some heavy SWF code, and you can now purchase the source code from him too… see details on UML tool gModeler, pathfinding,gesture recognition and more at his lab….

  2. can you send me source code of gmodeler?

  3. Can i get flashos source???

  4. hi! trying to create a respectable school projet and (why on earth) we got to present gesture recognition. pls! allow us to have a copy of the source cuase we need a working modle very soon…like within this week. thanks!!!!

  5. I’m working on a school project (simple flow chart tool) and would love to be be able to see your source code for ideas and techniques.

    Any chance I can get a copy of your source code to assist me?

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