Upcoming Events: LA U/G, MAX, Spark, Workshops, FF

Man, I have a ridiculously busy schedule over the next few weeks… To think that a week ago I was lounging in the sun on the Mediterranean on my honeymoon.

There’s some great events coming up that I’m proud to be a part of, in chronological order:

  • LAFlashapaloozastock (love the name), Oct 15th: All three (!?) LA Flash User Groups have joined forces to put on this pre MAX gathering. I’ll be doing a freeform “performance” (first time I’ve had a preso billed as a performance, but it almost works for this one) on my latest Flash 8 experiments, including a few wicked cool ones that I’ve never shown publicly.

  • Macromedia MAX, Oct 16-19: This will be my first time at MAX, and I’m looking forward to seeing the sights, meeting up with the MM crew (have to congratulate them on all the awesome work), and other Flashers. I’ll be doing a light-speed talk cramming all of the new Flash 8 features into less than one hour (I’ll be qualified to run auctions by the end of my last session). It’ll be fast, informative, and hopefully fun.

  • Flash 8 Bootcamp in Toronto and LA, Nov 11-12: I’m working with FitC to deliver a two day, comprehensive workshop on the new features of Flash 8. It is “the fastest way to get up and running with all of the new features in Macromedia Flash 8 Professional”. I’ll also be running this workshop in Hollywood Dec 2-3. For more info, check out the Flash 8 Workshop site.

  • Spark Europe (AKA Flashers gone wild), Nov 16-18: Yes folks, it really is a legit Flash conference in Europe. Organized by Stewart McBride of UDA (formerly one of the main organizers of FlashForward), and backed by Macromedia, this should be a great conference. They have a great speaker line-up, and it’s in Amsterdam dangnabit. I guarantee there will be stories floating around about this one for years. It looks like I’ll be doing a 3 hour workshop on Flash 8. Keep an eye on the site for more details.

  • FlashForward2006 Seattle, Feb 27-Mar 2: I hope to attend this inaugural Seattle FlashForward. I’m excited to see that Lynda is working hard to breath new life into this conference and make it even better than it’s been in the past.

Busy, busy. But there’s certainly no shortage of things to talk about with Flash 8, Zorn, Flex 2, and AS3. I think I’ll be watching a lot of the sessions at these conferences, which is something I haven’t done in years – exciting times!

Going to one of these events? Have a question about the workshops? Post to the comments – I hope to see you at one of them.

Grant Skinner

The "g" in gskinner. Also the "skinner".



  1. Hi Grant,

    We met at FF2004 in NYC. I will be at Spark EU this year as I live in Germany.

    What WS’s are you going to be doing there??

    I would love to hang out a bit.

    Cheers, Julian

  2. Grant,

    I was in your session this morning at MAX 2005. Lots of cool stuff.



  3. Hi Grant,

    Do you plan to do some motion tracking stuff in toronto (FITC bootcamp) 😉 ?

    Will you show Mista and your fish tank thing ?



  4. Hi Grant,

    looking forward to assist to your Spark speeking and listen about “the new expressiveness features in Flash 8”.

    See you there !

    Cheers, Ahmet.

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