Upcoming Events in 2011

2011 is looking to be a busy year already! I’m honored to be speaking at the following events in the first half of the year:

FITC Amsterdam, March 8-9 (link)
Always a crazy-fun event, with awesome people and a fantastic vibe! And hey, it’s Amsterdam.

Geeky By Nature, NYC, March 31-April 1 (link)
Hosted by the same amazing folk who put on FlashOnTheBeach, this conference is guaranteed to be a good one, as long as it can get some momentum (New Yorkers, spread the word!).

Flash Camp Brasil, Maceió, April 8-9 (link)
I heard great things about the event this year, and am really excited to check it out in 2011. It’ll be my first time to Brazil, and the host city Maceió looks absolutely beautiful. I’m looking forward to hanging out with some old friends in the area, and getting to meet with the local community.

Microsoft MIX, Las Vegas, April 12-14 (link)
I’m not sure yet if I’ll be speaking at MIX, but I plan to be there regardless. I’m looking forward to hanging out with Microsoft folk, seeing what they are working on with Silverlight/WP7/HTML5, and geeking out in Vegas.

FITC Toronto, May 2-4 (link)
This is the tenth year of FITC Toronto. It’ll be ninth time I’ve spoken there, and the twentieth (yikes!!!) FITC event I’ve spoken at. I’m not sure if I think that’s cool, or if it just makes me feel like an old, grizzled veteran (not as old as Keith Peters though). You know Shawn is going to pull out all the stops for the big one-oh – I’m betting on a truly scrumpulicious event (running out of positive adjectives here).

It’s a time of wide sweeping change in the industry. There’s tons of cool work being done, and lots of new things to learn. This is really a great year to hit up a conference or two to make sure you’re keeping in touch with the tech, and the community. Hope to see you there!

Grant Skinner

The "g" in gskinner. Also the "skinner".



  1. I look forward to seeing you at some of those conferences Grant.

    Oh, and great design. I like the grass blowing at the bottom…

  2. I’ll see you in NY, if I live that long. And I’m shooting for MIX, too.

  3. Hi dude! I heard that the flash camp in Brazil last year was the best flash conference ever (I’m pretty sure it wasn’t just because of the sessions), There was something else, I’m so curious, I’m not going to miss it this time, see you there!! and hopefully we can have a chat with some proper caipirinhas, listening at some good bossanova and samba. hehehe! you’re grass reminds me something very, very similar I did a while ago http://www.yoambulante.com/en/labs/grass.php Cheers in advanced!

  4. Grant, how could you forget Flash and the City- June 9-12? Hope to see you there again! I’m still waiting on your article that shares your learning of Silverlight for the Flash & Flex Crew 😛
    ~ JT

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