Great Pumpkin Showdown II

Ahh.. the age old tradition of hideously mutilating rotund orange squash. Hallowe’en just wouldn’t be the same without it.

Last year we started a company tradition of having a pumpkin carving competition, and putting the finished products online to let you, the abhoring public, vote on them. The victors won glory and many baked pumpkin seeds, whilst the losers brought burning shame upon them and their families (along with the burnt pumpkin seeds).

We’re posting this a little late this year, but dang it, we’ve been busy. Here are the competitors this year (3 this time, has grown). Who will reign supreme, and who will be, uh, squashed?

Our first entry, from the traditional category – the Pirate pumpkin. Yar!

The second entry hails from the pop-culture category – meet Frank, from Donnie Darko.

The final entry represents the uniquely obscure category – an albino vampire baby freak (aka Puki from Puki the Swarm).

Vote now!

Here’s a parting look at all 3 pumpkins chillin’ out in front of the office on Hallowe’en night scaring the poops out of small children. Oh the humanity!

Grant Skinner

The "g" in gskinner. Also the "skinner".



  1. Those are pretty cool, as are the ones on – I found out about Pumpkin Gutter ( yesterday – he’s the best I’ve seen so far. There’s a bunch of video game related pumpkins here as well –

    FWIW I voted for the skull, although they’re all pretty cool. In the UK we don’t really do the halloween thing, at least not at the same level as others appear to, so it’s been interesting reading all about Americans and their pumpkins over the last couple of days.

  2. Vote for Pumpkins

    Halloween ist zwar schon vorbei, aber bei läuft noch ne Abstimmung über deren selbstgemachte Halloween-Kürbisse. In deren Company hat das wohl schon eine lange Tratition

    Der Donnie Darko Kürbis ist doch echt klasse!

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