Flash 8 Bootcamp Coming to London

After a very successful run of my Flash 8 Bootcamp in Los Angeles (we oversold the event due to some very tenacious would-be attendees, and wound up having to reconfigure the venue to fit everyone), I have decided to bring the workshop to London in cooperation with FitC and the London MMUG. Every run gets a little bit more polished and fun to deliver, so I have high hopes for this next iteration.

One of the most popular aspects of the workshop so far has been the demo files that are included with it. Attendees receive the full source for over 30 pre-built demo files, which cover all of the major features (and most of the minor ones) in Flash 8. This includes source for the popular HumanTorch, SnowStorm and MagnifyingGlass experiments. I also provide the source code for another 15-20 mini-demos I build during the workshop.

In LA, I had a lot of fun at an evening event arranged by R Blank (LAFlash manager, and all round good guy) where attendees could go out for bowling, beer and a bite to eat with me. I’m planning on arranging something similar for the first night of the workshop in London – it was a great chance to meet and chat with attendees informally whilst whupping them in a (mildly) competitive sport. I love LA Flashers, but they apparently stink at bowling *grin* (Josh Davis will back me up here).

Anyway, if you’re interested in the workshop, you can find more info in my past posts, or on the official site. These workshops do sell out (as proven in LA), so you’re encouraged to register early if you want to guarantee a seat.

Also, if you’re a London MMUG member, you might want to chat with Tink (Stephen Downs) – he might have some other info that you’ll want before you sign up. If you’re not a member, why not? It’s free.

Grant Skinner

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  1. i had a great time at the la flash event… although if i had gone bowling there might have been a better outcome…

    one thing i thought about was how it might be a good idea to release the source files to the people who register so they can take a look at them and formulate questions… i myself was a little bit overwhelmed at first glance on day 1.

  2. “- it was a great chance to meet and chat with attendees informally whilst whupping them in a (mildly) competitive sport”

    Hey, I seem to recall beating you in at least one game. Granted I was on the other team, but I know one of my end game scores was higher!

  3. I’m conveniently not counting anyone who was on the other lane. 😉

  4. Hi! I love flash and as you have probobly assumed, im a big noob and I would like to try this bootcamp deal out. Im wondering if you guys are going to/or would consider doing one somewhere near utah/arizona I live in a small st. george and I dont want to go to london. Anyways write back, siper duper!

  5. you cant charge $400 in the USA and $600 in the UK!!!!!!!!

    i think you need to think again about your pricing policy!!!

  6. Clive,

    I think you need to think again about basic economics (like how to save on exclamation marks *grin*).

    The flight to London costs 3 times the cost of a flight to LA or Toronto, the hotel is almost double, the venue is twice the cost, and the incidentals are higher. Add to that the fact that there is less of a market for training in the UK, and London is by far the least profitable workshop I’m running. I’m mostly doing it because I have friends in London I’m enjoying visiting, and because there were a number of people who specifically asked me to bring it to London.

    Don’t forget that this is also the cheapest workshop I’ve run. 400 dollars or 400 pounds is a pretty fair price for 2 full days of training, imho.

  7. I just went on Grant’s Flash 8 Bootcamp here in London and must say that it was the best training course I’ve been on for a very long time.

    The course was perfectly pitched at the right level. No time was wasted on the fundamentals and basics of AS2 programming (it’s presumed you know what you’re doing by now), but instead jumped straight into a detailed look at all the new features of Flash 8. We not only covered everything I was hoping for, but Grant also explained many other unexpected aspects such as color theory, matrices, bitwise operators, and plenty more.

    Definitely not one for the beginner, but if you’re looking to supercharge your brain with an exhaustive two days of mental exercise, this course is a must.

    Thank you Grant. Looking forward to whenever you may be coming back to London.

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