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  1. I look forward to see the source. It’s a shame there is some inconsistencies with Flex classes, but of course given the optimization I presume it was unavoidable. I presume it would be also easy to use Flash CS 3 components, maybe customized, in Flex as swc, wouldn’t it?

  2. I was really hoping this presentation would give a bit more insight deeper under the hood. I employ some Components directly extending MovieClip in a project that needs to be converted from AS2 to AS3.

    Things like the ability to edit component states inline in the authoring environment don’t seem to have been documented at all.

    Any idea when this kind of information will be available?


  3. looking fwd to the source code!!

  4. Cant wait for the demo source to be posted =]

  5. Pete Miller May 9, 2007 at 9:45pm

    Please for the love of all things small and large, post the source code.

  6. found this interesting guide explaining some of the things that currently aren’t documented:

  7. For those of you still looking for the component source code, I found it in the following path:

    \en\Configuration\Component Source\ActionScript 3.0\User Interface

    Have fun!

  8. It would be *VERY* appreciated if somebody would take the time to explain HOW to extend a CS3 component. Especially how to integrate your skinning engine.

    I used the person13 component tutorial for building AS2 components and ended up making well over 60 over the two years since I picked up AS2 (worked on lots of projects).

    But no such thing as the person13 tutorial for AS3 yet? Will I have to make my own?


  9. Here is a very simple tutorial for building SWC components in Flash CS3:

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