Tweetcoding: Simply Amazing!

I started the #tweetcoding contest on a whim, with no real expectation of what the result would be, and I’ve been absolutely floored by the level of participation, and the quality of the entries.

The idea was simple: See what people could code in 140 characters of AS3 (the number of characters in a single tweet). The results were unexpected: Hundreds of participants and entries, some of which are simply amazing.

It was really incredible to watch ideas and themes evolve as people built on them. It was educational watching people employ new tricks to squeeze out every possible character – I even learned a few things. It was entertaining to watch people get addicted to #tweetcoding, and submit entry after entry, even after swearing this one was the last (I’m looking at you Mario).

Overall, it was one of the most active, fun, and positive community activities I’ve been involved in recently. I’m really happy to have been a part of it, and am very impressed by the Flash Twitter community – it makes me wish I had started tweeting earlier.

I’d link to some of the more impressive entries, but as a judge I don’t think that would be appropriate. You can check out all of the entries on this page, which was put together by @machine501, and was instrumental in the success of the contest.

I guess I should get back to the hard work of judging, and getting ready for the next round. Thanks again to the sponsors (Adobe and Friends of Ed) for providing prizes, and to everyone that participated!

I am @gskinner on Twitter.

Grant Skinner

The "g" in gskinner. Also the "skinner".



  1. They’re addictive to look at too. This was a great idea! I didn’t participate, but I look forward to learning from the examples. Gotta love the Flash community!

  2. Thanks for this contest…i realy love the subject and the principe of the gimme code…its a graphics and techniks challenge to build something in 140 chars…and the online compile tool provided by machine501 is very interesting…take few minutes to compile but…its a great work…i thanks u again!!!

    I have some idea to improve the contest submit…if u want…

    I hope there is another challenge… 🙂 Peace!

  3. I just heard about this, thanks to a RT by @ddura. There is something so genuinely organic and savage about this that I am floored. I’m browsing through some of the submissions and I really can’t believe how creative folks are with such limited code and stringent borders to color in.

    So imaginative and VERY WELL DONE.

    I love the sounds ones the best.


  4. Great fun!

    I just wish I had more times to submit more entries =)

  5. The entries are really amazing and inspiring. I found about this too late to enter round 1, so I’m really looking forward to round 2 🙂

  6. It’s fun to tweetcode when you send your whole day programming complex projects with lots and lots of characters 😀 It’s liberating.

  7. It’s really very fun and interesting. I wish had more times to send more, but was great. lov it.. :¬)

  8. Just found this and had to say hat’s off all round, a great idea, and some amazing tweets. I’ll keep my eye open for the next round.

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