onBase Project in Times Square

We recently had the pleasure of building the OnBase AIR application, which lets you keep track of everything that’s going on with your favourite MLB teams and players via Twitter, official notifications, and game updates. Working with MLB on the project was very cool by itself, but as a cherry on top it is now being advertised in Times Square. It’s pretty sweet to see your work 50 feet tall in Times Square – it’s a little like being a super nerdy and completely unknown broadway star.

I’m very proud of all the awesome work my team did on this one. Consolidating all of the data feeds necessary to power this app in an effective and efficient manner was quite a challenge, and they did a great job of making it happen.

You can get more info on OnBase at

Here’s a picture of the digital billboard in Times Square:

Grant Skinner

The "g" in gskinner. Also the "skinner".



  1. That must be an awesome feeling … going to have to check this out … congrats!

  2. Grant,

    That’s awesome can’t wait to check out the AIR app. I agree seeing your work in Times Square is a totally cool feeling. The CNN ticker below your Ad is an interactive ticker that we built ;).

  3. The TimeSquare is mine :)) *kidding*

    Grant, great job…! Congrats, man.

    Best form Germany, Berlin


  4. Congrats man, must be very rewarding to see a screenshot of your app displayed on a giant poster! I’m also impressed that they are actually promoting Adobe AIR in the ad, cool.

  5. New personal goal… produce Flash work that is on the side of a building. ^_^

  6. That’s cool–congrats. How does the “powered by Adobe AIR” thing work? For example, does one get a huge pocket-full-o-cash for that? Just curious.

    Looks like a neat app…

  7. Good stuff, Grant. The last public display of your work I saw was the interactive piece you did that was projected on the side of a truck. My kids had a blast with it at Stonestown in San Francisco.

    I think you’ve outdone yourself!


  8. There’s something very special about owning space in Times Square, even if it’s transient. I did some work for a couple of video screens there, and even though my work is gone I always look at those hotspots.

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