ASDocr Update for AIR 2 Beta 2

ASDocr 1.1 is available. This update provides compatibility with AIR 2 beta 2, fixes a bug that prevented multiple exclude-namespaces values from working, fixes a problem with locating the default output directory on OSX, and correctly opens the last used configuration when you restart the application.

ASDocr provides a GUI for working with ASDoc to make generating documentation for AS3 classes easy. For more information on ASDocr, read the original post on it.

To install version 1.1:

1. Uninstall ASDocr version 1.0

2. Upgrade to the AIR 2 beta 2 runtime. It can be found here.

3. Download and install ASDocr 1.1

Known issues:

There is a bug in AIR 2 beta 2 that can cause the Open HTML and Open Output Folder actions to take a long time (~30s) on some Windows XP machines.


Download for Mac OSX

Download for Windows

UPDATE: The latest version of ASDocr, with support for the AIR 2 Release Candidate can be downloaded here.

Grant Skinner

The "g" in gskinner. Also the "skinner".



  1. Thanks a million, love the icon too!

  2. The mac installer seems to be corrupted.

  3. Hi, Grant i was wondering how did u solve the “exec()” method?

    Using the new method File.openWithDefaultApplication()?

  4. Very nice. Thanks a ton!

  5. Hi Grant, nice tool !

    Just one thing, for packages documentation.

    I, and perhaps some developers too, use an xml file to describe packages documentation. (use with -package-description-file asdoc parameter)

    So I think a “browse for XML package definition” file, in last option panel, can be a good idea no ?



  6. Awsome, can’t wait to try it!!

  7. This looks great, cool! I’m having a slight issue generating documentation for my project. You see, how does this process go if in my project, my classes use a non-native Flash library (like, say, PaperVision)? I’m getting an error where ASDOC’s saying it that this or that constant isn’t known by him. Does ASDOC use flex-config.xml to look up libraries or do I need to explicitly refer to them in every ASDOC interaction I do?

  8. Well I finally fixed it. Turns out you need to let go of what the GUI frontend to ASDOC helps you with and go command-line all the way. Maybe you could add recursive addition of -doc-classes to ASDOCr? That would really rock!

  9. U rule dude!

  10. Bro, it’s simple–if we ever meet in person, the beers are on me. Thanks for this, and many other things you’ve done.

  11. I get a flex error:

    C:\flex_sdk_4.1\bin\asdoc -source-path “C:\My Dropbox\workspace.racUILib\lib3min\src” -output “C:\My Dropbox\workspace.racUILib\lib3min\doc” -doc-sources “C:\My Dropbox\workspace.racUILib\lib3min\src” -main-title “” -window-title “” -footer “” -external-library-path “C:\My Dropbox\workspace.racUILib\lib3min\lib” -lenient

    Loading configuration file C:\flex_sdk_4.1\frameworks\flex-config.xml

    [Fatal Error] toplevel.xml:10514:12: Element type “inheritDoc” must be followed by either attribute specifications, “>” or “/>”.

    Error: Could not create toplevel.xml: Element type “inheritDoc” must be followed by either attribute specifications, “>” or “/>

    What is that? I am using pure as, but some of the libs I use some mxml

  12. I encountered the same problem

  13. This is great stuff! Everything working fine except it cannot find definitions for ImageCell and CellRenderer both of which are in fl.controls.listClasses and I just cannot work out why?? Do I have to manually add the fl package somehow?

  14. Looked into this some more and yes, you do indeed need to find or create a swc containing the fl classes and add it to the library-path on the first page of ASDocr. Then all comes good.

    For anyone used to struggling with ASDoc command-line stuff – this app will transform your life!! Thanks again Grant.

  15. Cannot install on Windows XP SP3. I’m able to install the beta2 of the AIR runtime, but I get this error when trying to install asdocr

    “This application requires an update to Adobe AIR that is not available for your system.”

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