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Reasons to Work at gskinner

A few years ago, we shared some awesome reasons why you should come work with us. We are in a brand new office and hiring smart developers and designers, so we thought we would update the list.

We Have the Coolest Clients & Projects

We’re privileged to collaborate with notable organizations like Adobe, Microsoft, Google, Disney, National Film Board, and FITC (to name a few). We are tasked to prove concepts, explore new functionality, and create flagship experiences for announcements. We design and build world-class apps, experiences, installations, and games on a wide variety of platforms. This rich breadth of work offers constant engagement and opportunities to learn and grow.

We Give Back

We have a history and ongoing commitment to contribute to open source. We love to share our design process and approaches, and many of our internal tools get polished and released for free, such as RegExr and the popular CreateJS suite. Even our experiments and technical spikes are made available in our Lab and GitHub for anyone to use and share however they like. Our open source work helps thousands of designers and developers daily.

We Support and Mentor

We are committed to bringing on smart and capable designers and developers and keeping them for the long haul. New hires get trained, mentored, and shadow others to build confidence, consistency, and quality. We involve our whole team in the projects and processes they are interested in to ensure that everyone feels challenged and excited in their role. We also set aside time for professional development, offer ongoing training, provide regular check-ins, and encourage our team to become experts in domains that interest them.

We Have Great Perks

We value a work-life balance. We offer flex-time, paid sick days, great health benefits, and minimal overtime. Profit and performance bonuses reward our team members for their contributions. Other perks include regular team lunches, office snacks and beverages, and a nice long holiday break in December. Our 124th Street office is modern, with great access to restaurants, bakeries, shops and transit.

We have a Fantastic Office Culture

Our office is a welcoming, inclusive space that celebrates people’s different strengths. Developers and designers work side by side in an environment that focuses on communication, reliance on each other, and shared responsibility. We encourage discussion and collaboration but provide flexible workspaces for when you need a quiet space to focus or just want a few minutes to decompress.

We have Fun Together

Our team loves to have fun together. We have an array of board games, foosball, game consoles, old-skool arcade cabinet, and even a dedicated VR lab. Some play PC games at their desks, have a B-movie marathon, or picnic at a nearby park during lunch. Others hit the court or range after work together. The team enjoys going to escape rooms and game cafés. There are potlucks, BBQs, beer exchanges and movie nights. Our employees love to have a great time — do you?

There are even more reasons, but you have to apply and come visit to learn more. We will be posting some positions over the next few days, and be sure to check out the careers page on our site. If you think you would be a good fit, feel free to reach out any time at

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Lanny McNie

As the dev mgr, Lanny oversees the technical day-to-day details of production and makes sure things get out the door.


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