Source Code: Varicose-G Experiment

As promised, here is the AS2 source code for the Varicose-G experiment that I posted a couple of weeks ago. I stripped out some of the ancillary functionality like the grid and labels to make it easier to understand.

If this helps you out, or you use it somewhere, please let me know in the comments, or by email. It makes releasing this kind of stuff worthwhile.

Click here to download the Flash MX 2004 source files.

Grant Skinner

The "g" in gskinner. Also the "skinner".



  1. I realy love it, thank you for the as 🙂

  2. Truly amazing. What a wonderful script. It’s kindof mesmerizing after a while. Excellent work.

  3. after reviewing your class code, i was puzzled by the vein manger importing the vein class, AND the vein class importing the vein manager.

    i guess i was expecting inheritnace, but instead they work together, but need each other explicitly referenced?

    why is that

    its cool though

  4. AMAZING! That says it all. GOOD WORK.

  5. good work. i must try

  6. AWESOME!!!

    It’s a great job!

    Thank you Grant.

  7. where do i put it….?

  8. Awsome/Clean Coding.

  9. Very impressive. I wonder if it’s possible to code this wine to stop growing… For bamboo applications 4 ex.

  10. You are GOD… i really mean!…

    Por dios, eso sí es un desarrollador… no como otros mediocres aca en colombia…

  11. hola

    les escribo para ver si ustedes me pueden regalar un video sobre el torrente sanguineo es que tengo una expocision sobre este tema

  12. I’d love to use this as a background on some video footage I’m putting together. Has anyone figured out a way to output SWF runtime footage to video?

  13. how do i extract it, it cmes up with an error

  14. awesome work. q: how does your fla access the vein and vein manager AS files? I see them in your fla’s library, but how did you get them in there in order to create an instance of vein manager? import or some “linkage” thing?

  15. buen trabajo realmente muy chevere….ne gustaria saber como esque se fuciona la animacion con el archivo de actionscript …estoy totalmente perdido ayuda….

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