Source Code: Image gOOifier

I promised I would be blogging and releasing more source code soon, so here’s a start…

A while back I posted my “gOOify Mike Chambers” Flash 8 experiment, which let you distort an image by “pushing” the pixels around with your cursor – similar to Kai Powergoo or Photoshop’s liquify command. Since then I have had a lot of requests for the source code, so I cleaned it up, and you can download it below.

Feel free to modify it and use it in your non-commercial projects (attribution/credit is appreciated, and I would love to see what people build with it). If you’d like to use it in a commercial application, send me an email and we’ll work something out.

Click here to download the source code.

Grant Skinner

The "g" in gskinner. Also the "skinner".



  1. Good trick and a really nice result!

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Grant –

    Thanks for the source code for this, can’t wait to play around with it!


  3. Hi

    My helped


  4. I open the file in flash 8 and when i export it says this…

    **Error** Symbol=goo, layer=img, frame=1:Line 1: The class or interface ‘com.gskinner.gooifier.Main’ could not be loaded.

    Total ActionScript Errors: 1 Reported Errors: 1

  5. If you receive the error above (The class or interface ‘com.gskinner.gooifier.Main’ could not be loaded) — It is likely because you do not have “./classes/” in your classPaths. We usually store all our classes in a subfolder to stay more organized, and add the “./classes/” to the default classPaths.

  6. FYI – I still get the same error aftering adding the ./classes/. This still does not work. I wonder if anyone else has even tried to open the .fla?

  7. Jason Martell April 10, 2006 at 9:28pm

    ensure that the “” resides in the folder path classes/com/gskinner/gooifier/.

    I missed that part, works fine now 🙂

  8. Merci pour votre aide :

    Nous avons combiné gOOfier et BitmapExporter pour la plus grande joie de tous.

    Merci encore.

  9. i can’t run this localy

    to test this do i have to upload it to the server

  10. Hi!Thanks for the source code. I would like to know a few things..

    1. I have a site with photos uploaded. I would want that the photo on my site be selceted for warping. Is it posible and if yes then how do I do it.?


    Ajeetpal singh

  11. Cool, I just dont know if this would be useful for me in the future… Thanks anyway, nice idea you got there, keep it up.


  12. hi, it doesn’t work on my macbook too, the error is the same: (The class or interface ‘com.gskinner.gooifier.Main’ could not be loaded), and i really don’t how get the /class/, and how use it, someone could help me please, thank you!

  13. Can you post the current version that includes the webcam?

  14. so cool !

  15. how do you add the buttons?

  16. sir i have downloaded your code, am doing an academic project, it is a web application, in that i need to capture image of the visitors in the client machine, as i know flash will work at client side, i need to capture image of the visitor by using client webcam, am doing project on ASP.NET with c#, can you please tell me is it possible to do this by using “your code”

    thanking you…..

    am waiting for your response….

  17. how do u download it

  18. download link appears broken….
    please help!!!!!

  19. I had an account on Gooifier and I Loved it…I cannot find my account and I can’t find Gooifier at all…I cannot sign in and any link I go to does not work..what is wrong?? Please!!!

  20. Hi i have a problem with this code i was wondering if you could send me on the code you used for the “webcam goo” i need this for a project for college it would be great if you can explain it too me as well i really need this ASAP!


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