New 3D Flash Game: Puki, The Swarm

The Puki have landed! My latest “experimental” venture was into the land of 3D, which is an area I haven’t explored much in the past. What started with an abstract concept to create a set of 3d classes, and render a view of a tunnel, has blossomed into a full featured 3d game, the first of its kind (first person shooter) that I am aware of in Flash. With help from my team (lots of beta testing, especially since the highscores went in), I have pretty much finished the game, and am releasing it now as a beta. Click any of the screenshots below to play it, and please leave any feedback or bugs in the comments below. This is the first full game we’ve built purely for the fun of it (ie. non-commercial) at, and we’re all excited to hear what you think.

Be sure to read the tips at the beginning of each level, they have some good info. And keep your eyes peeled for easter eggs (a few days late for easter, but there nonetheless).

Screenshots (scaled down to fit in the blog)

main screen

in game

Grant Skinner

The "g" in gskinner. Also the "skinner".



  1. Just amazing!

    I can’t believe you actually made a 3D engine for flash, it’s great… and the game itself is awesome!


    PD: How many levels does it have?


  2. GREAT work Grant 🙂 I love that you can shoot their feet (and they bleed from the feet) and shoot their head (and they bleed from their head). Nice attention to details.

  3. And waht about GLIC ???

  4. Really good game, never passed from 3level hehehe, it’s my goal this weekend

  5. This game is awesome. What is the performance like in “full-screen” mode?

  6. Awesome…Great…Speechless…

  7. Very well made – runs fast and smooth..

    A little difficult to control at times, especially when it sometimes accellerates without reason.

    Any news about Glic?

  8. Everyone: Thanks for the great feedback!

    Pablo: There are a total of 12 levels, including 3 bonus levels. I personally haven’t been able to beat it yet (I keep dying on the last level) – but it is possible.

    Josh: Thanks. Randy & Phil here said I was a sicko for adding the head-shots… nice to see I’m not the only one. 🙂

    1stPixel: See the next blog post.

    DanD: Terrible. Seriously.

    C&K: It only accelerates for three reasons in a level: you pressed the w key, you picked up a boost item (green arrow pointing up), or you got to the end of the level (at which point it will zoom to the end of the tunnel).

  9. Wowwww this is sweet coolest flash game i have ever played nice to see a professional looking flash game

  10. Hi,

    The game is pretty good. Its a pretty good interesting game.

  11. I don’t like the lack of continues. I think it should have some kind of continuing and cheats. Other than that, I find it awesome.

  12. I love the game. The weird controls bother me, using w-s-a-d. Maybe the arrow keys? I don’t know, it threw it off for me.

  13. It should use both arrow keys and WSAD.

  14. Hey ever heard of color?

    Your psuedo washed out artsy craftsy is so


    F- for presentation, A+ for concept and


  15. Excellent game; many wasted hours of fun, but I also find the w-a-s-d controls very awkward.

    And btw, [b]boof googer[/b], how many games have YOU written lately?

  16. Extremely addictive. I haven’t been able to get beyond the level where the UFOs first appear (5?).

    I also find the controls a little off– AWSD works for me, but “Shift” to crouch does not. I keep hitting Caps Lock or Ctrl by mistake and missing out on the goodies.

    Great fun!

  17. Sighhh…as always, so much empty raving and crack-licking, so little actual commentary of substance.

    Good idea and decent presentation. The two huge problems: cursor movement is not nearly smooth enough, and not being able to see much of anything is really annoying. Much more of a miss than a hit unless those two things change.

  18. Thanks to everyone for the comments. I have uploaded a slightly revised version of the game that increases the contrast a fair amount, while retaining the original “plastic” feel that we were going for. You may have to clear your cache to see it. It’s a little tricky getting the light motif to work across a full spectrum of monitors without it becoming hard to see or looking “washed out”.

    We tried our best on the controls, but if someone has suggestions for an alternate control set (ie. one that can support an easily accessible crouch and shield button – arrow keys won’t do that), we’ll certainly consider supporting it.

    And if you really want to up the contrast, try typing “oldskool” at the title screen. 🙂

  19. Why is there no ‘invert mouse’ mode? I find it bloody hard to play! Other than that, lovely game. It’s a pleasure to play. Really stress relieving.

  20. I love this game…except the controls. Using the “shift” key to crouch gives me a cramp…so that’s my one bit of feedback: Make the key controls user-modifiable. Other than that, this game kicks ass and has totally got me addicted. Awesome!!!!!

  21. Its a fun game, but currently pressing tab highlights objects on the screen. Its quite possible to cheat by pressing tab then space constantly. You’ll automatically shoot anything. I forget how, but I have seen in games before that that can be turned off. You may want to.

  22. I found that the overheat became very annoying in later levels where their were more ship.

  23. It didn’t fully work in Firefox until I installed the latest Flash plugin. Showed start screen, help screen and highscores, but didn’t play. I suggest you add a version check and a link to download the latest Flash plugin.

  24. /sign on the invert mouse option.

    I keep going up for down, and going up instead. LOL.

  25. There should be a powerup for making the gun able to shoot more before overheating.

  26. DS: There is. It looks like a blue triangle. Your gun lasts 3x as long or so.

  27. You need to add a pause button. That would make playing at work much easier.

  28. Great game from what I’ve been able to play. Unfortuantely I’m left handed (meaning I use my mouse in my left hand) and it’s virtually impossible for me to play with the direction keys tied to WASD.

    I would very much like to see support that allows you to use your arrow keys instead of the WASD keys. I think I would play the game almost non stop if that were to happen hehe.

    Keep up the good work !

  29. Great game.

    As for controls, not sure if it can be done, but making them user modifiable would be a big plus. If that can’t be done, I use:

    q,w,e,s with caps lock instead of shift. Space still works fine. It’s much more comfortable.

    Other than that, I love it.

  30. I like the game.Lots of fun.I use a track ball mouse and it works great with that.Wish it did have some color but its fine black and white.Keep up the great job.

  31. The overheating is really annoying on the later levels. It’s really what kills you, and that’s plain stupid. You should be allowed to fire a lot more than currently, before overheating.

  32. Oh, and include the interface elements in the instructions. Is that bar on the right the shield? Why can’t I sometimes use the shield even when there’s still some left on that bar?

  33. One last thing: the hit detection (on the airbornes and forcefield lamps, mainly) is poor.

  34. Great game wish it had a little color but thats ok Its just fine.I use a track ball mouse.Works great

  35. Unfortunately, we won’t be supporting inverted aiming any time soon. I’ll consider adding support to change your key controls though.

    The tabbing cheat should be fully disabled now (I hope). Please let me know if anyone is still able to cheat this way.

    I’ll probably add some more info in the instructions.

  36. Once this thing goes out of what you consider beta, you should reset the high scores. It’s obvious that most of the highest ones were done with cheating (that tab thing, most likely).

  37. Nice and fluid. I like the feel of the game.

    I’m having a hard time with the controls. It’s difficult to get to the SHIFT key in time to crouch and grab items. If I weren’t being pushed down the hallway it would be easier. If S let you actually backup…

    Even after playing to level 6 I’m not sure I understand the information display. I thought that the vertical blue bar indicated the amout of sheild power I had left, but after watching it, I’m not sure that’s the case. Also, I don’t understand the brown bar across the bottom. I suspect that it represents health, but from a user interface point of view, I’d expect health to be red. Also, it seems to drop even when I’m not being attacked by anything.

    I need more feedback when I manage to shoot the forcefield buttons. I have to play with my sound down, so I can’t easily tell that I’ve scored a hit on anything except the Pikus.\

    Actually, more feedback in general. It’s hard to notice when you have taken damage because only the borders of the screen turn reddish, and I’m concentrating on the Pikus flying at me. It’s hard to tell if I’ve used my sheild. Is there a faint blue shimmer on the screen? I still haven’t figured out how the sheild works because, again, there’s too much to concentrate on with the Pikus coming at me to notice things happening in the peripheral. You might even want to move the information bars into the game screen itself. I can’t look away long enough to get any information from them.

    Lastly, picking up the items is a real chore and makes the game frustrating. Having to remember to reach over with my pinky to hit the SHIFT key in order to pick something up just doesn’t work for me.

    As for bugs:

    Maybe this isn’t a bug, but if you run towards a Piku and wait for it to spring, then hit S, it will fall short of you and sort of disappear.

  38. Fun game. The fact that you have to jink almost as as much as shoot once you get to level 5 or 6 keeps it fun (although the marathon level…whew!).

    Besides the oft repeated suggestion of configurable keys, I’d also suggest putting up pictures of the powerups in the instructions, and a description of what they do. Either that, or point people towards the concept art. Concept art is not an intuitive place to learn the game.

  39. I would just like to respond fred:

    You are partially correct some of the highscores were most likely obtained using the tab cheat, I did reach my current highscore legitametly..

    We removed a couple of highscores we assumed were cheaters (and a couple of my own, that I got using the tab cheat) and will continue todo so as new cheats are discovered.

    If you know how the game works, and how points are awarded it is possible to reach the highscores that are listed legitemetly.

  40. There is a minor bug in which the randomly spawning rectangular blocks on either side of the tunnel spawn inside one another.

  41. er.. follow the URL for a screenshot.

  42. Please add pause and arrow key alternative controls. Very hard to play with laptop mouse (Left handed).

  43. I don’t like how it automatically goes to the next level in the screen between levels. I think that moving the mouse should get rid of that countdown.

  44. Cool one, nice thing shoot cutelittle things, but i cant pick up the spheres evene i crouch so i shoot them 🙂

  45. Very nice game 🙂

    For the controls:

    Why not use some controls above the space bar and then use the space bar shield, like it is now..?

    I use Azerty (European version of Qwerty, but if the controls change, i’ll find the right keys =))

    Good job!

  46. Hey Man,

    Well done on the game. I have found a new game to entertain me when that random need-to-play a video game boredom sets in, but not enough so to want to play a full length game such as HL2 or BG or whatever else I have lining my shelves. So thanks for that and, to return the favor… constructive criticism: DO NOT put in cheats as some “gamer” posted earlier and no freaking continues. Keep that. The wasd scheme is good, but the [shift] and [space] controls need work. Try switching them to Q and E so the left hand can stay on the movement keys. Maybe, also, to switch it up a bit, toss in a right-click to throw a grenade. Or use right click to crouch. Also, up the contrast a bit. I played the game once and got to lvl 3 and then read the board and tried Oldskool and got a High Score. It makes a big difference.

    Anyway, good job. Keep it up.

    James M

  47. Fucking amazing!!! like…WOW! and he is so cute and adowable i wanna eat im alll up >_

  48. Gr8 game, the keys are even more trouble on an azerty keyboard (I am belgian ;)) Why not arrows/left ctrl/left shift ?


  49. Incredible game, although sometimes very difficult to see clearly for those of us who need glasses.

  50. good controls and very enjoyable play. difficult to see distances but fun. only wish that I could pause the game or atleast have a code to jump back to the level I got to last time.

  51. this is my second time playing. i like it.

  52. Just a suggestion, but perhaps you should add a volume option.

    I’d really like to play it with my own music playing in the background, but the game’s music interferes.

  53. Great game.

    A friend of mine at work (Duffy) showed me this game and we have been battling and trash-talking here at the office about who’s highest on the scores list.

    If they ever make Puki an olympic event, sign me up.

    Thanks fo making such an enjoyable game.


  54. really a very nice game! only things i don’t like is the mouse pointer, something more like the classical crosshair as it appears in oldskool mode would make aiming easier and the lack of pause. nevertheless, it’s really a very good one!

  55. I like thike this game…

    bye byea

  56. muyt bueno

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  58. pealse I want to play to these game because is very funny

  59. way to light needs to be darker

  60. Good game, very addictive. I read about it in the Edmonton Journal today!

  61. cool game!, pretty adictive, i have a doubt, what means the “##fps”

  62. Is it called puki because it makes you pukey? Because it gave me motion sickness, otherwise its really addictive.

  63. Very addictive game certainly – background for the game window should be darker. My, “older” eyes get a little freaked by the lack on contrast.

    Also, seems OSX Tiger (10.4) has issues with Flash – I lost keyboard control in the game, though mouse functions fine.

    Thanks for the great time killer!!

  64. I love the gameplay! But some more contrast would be nice.

  65. Stephen Jacobs May 7, 2005 at 1:22am

    Would Like Some Better Feedback on when an item has been picked up

  66. Very cool – fun game!

  67. very nice game …very fluent animaition ….has a very profesinal feel to it

  68. Great game. Especially fun for passing time while you’re on hold waiting for tech support. Thank you for going to the trouble to create this for the rest of us.

  69. Nice obfuscation on the highscore submission 🙂 … very clever

    [EDITED BY GS: Someone learned how to use a decompiler. Naughty. Can’t leave all the secrets here in the comments though, can I? 😉 ]

  70. Most excellent…….

  71. Yep! Invert mouse option, and arrow keys please for us lefties…THEN I’ll go for level 3. Cool job.

  72. Hi,

    Nice game…but It will be a GooD iDea to disable the “zoom”… it is toooooo easy to play 😉

    (zoom means the parametre from the “right click” menu).

  73. great game, i love it

  74. awesome game. looks cool, plays well.. and yes, theyre are cute.. and evil..

  75. Puki is a very well executed game. However, I do note that on occasion it will not play on various computers

  76. Loved the game.

  77. I have a complaint about the ruthless admin who not only won’t let me have 1st place but can’t even find it in his heart to let me keep 3rd. 😛 jk gg’s

    The serendipity bubbles make the game new everytime. Although the ! bubbles are kind of a pointless threat, unless you happen to be a crouch freak or legally blind. What about points for shooting them or picking them up (taking damage + points)?

  78. This game is the most addictive game Ive ever played. More than 5 hours wasted at home. Keep it up.

  79. Yes, Mr. Admin I’ll admit, your tricky name change thing had me fooled for a minute until I noticed that instead of 5 mil even, you were now exactly 1 point over mine. Anyways, thanks, it gave me the inspiration/pissed me off enough to beat my old score 🙂

  80. I am unable to play. When I click the “begin game” button, nothing happens. It allows me to click all the buttons, it’s just the game play button that is giving me trouble. Looks like a great game though!

  81. Make the P key pause. 🙂

  82. Great game, the use of Flash for three dimensions is nice, and is gunna make Maya jealous!

    I’m quite happy with the keys configeration and lack of pause- I used to play many a Sinclair Zx Spectrum game with no pause and tricky keys, and it’s all part of the game. All part of the game. It was like Super Mario Bros 3 on the Nes, with no Save option- all part of the game.

    oh, and the game looks better in OldSkool, i think.

    keep it up, and bring on the sequel. (even if you just change some colours of somthing!)


  83. ExcessiveGamer June 26, 2005 at 7:37am

    Beautiful game except for two things. You need to be able to pause, and you need to be able to turn off the sound. I personally listen to music whenever I’m on the computer and I don’t appretiate when games don’t allow the sound to be turned off, sound isn’t important to this game. And you must be able to stop somehow for a minute, a pause feature.

    Other than those two things, I think it’s a beautiful game. Great use of the 3D effects, and good gameplay. wonderful controls as well.

  84. awsome game – i plyed it on a friend’s pc (windows xp) and got into some bonus round

    my problem is that it wont work for my own ibook (mac os x (still jaguar), firefox as a browser)

    im not sure if that is information enough, also if i maybe overread some solution already if anybody else had this problem

  85. Maike:

    The game was developed on Mac OS (pre-tiger) — I suspect it is your flash plugin.

  86. I find the game amusing. Great job! I finally have another preoccupation. 😀

    Pretty much everything that I was about to say had already been said, though I did not find the aswd keys as well as the shift and spacebars awkward. It was even convenient and strategically placed for my needs, but that’s just because I’m right handed. I worry about the left-handed people, though.

    The other thing that I was going to bring up was the game’s name. What smith (on April 20th) told everyone about the Malay meaning of the name is true. I speak Filipino (and some words in the Filipino language came from Malay) so I was taken aback when I heard about it. I just find this funny.

  87. The game is great. The graphics on the other hand – need to be a bit darker. I can barely see it without getting my face a few inches from my monitor. And it’s not my monitor or my settings – everything else except the game looks normal and is perfectly visible.

    For reference: I’m on a Toshiba Satellite, Win XP and Firefox.

  88. Please add support for arrow keys. The letter keys don’t work for lefties.

  89. Very good game. I can’t believe you actually made a 3d engine for a flash game! There are a few things that you should change. I look forward to playing the final version.

    1.Different Enemies. It would be great to have a variety of different enemies and obstacles. And instead of having them attack you and dissapear, they should be able to continually attack you.

    2.Variety of weapons. The double blue laser weapon is too default. You should have a variety of laser cannons, gauss rifles, rocket launchers, flame throwers, etc. Make each weapon have ammo too. (the default gun lasers, has unlimited ammo but can overheat.)

    3.You should make it so we can move around levels. I know that would be hard to do, but it would be great if that was in the game.

    4.Having to press shift everytime to pick up a power up is hurting my pinky :(.

    Great game, I hope these changes get made into it.

  90. To me, the default weapon fires too few times before overheating when using rapid fire. Maybe you could increase the number of shots before it overheats?

    I also agree with Punt on adding more weapons.

    As for the powerups, I would suggest that you make it so powerups can also be acuired by shooting them.

    Other than those things, this is an excellent game!!!

  91. great game ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ most addictive, bueno soy chilena y el juego me encanto, es excelente¡¡¡ quiero mas.

  92. hey snapless, why dont you just enter oldskool at the start menu, it makes the gamepley alot easier for us with bad eyes

  93. First, let me tell you this is an excellent game. Great concept, clean and simple.

    I think, that it would be more fun if you make the difficult level progress more slowly. That’s all… Great Job!

  94. Great game, but the keys are hard to use. Can I suggest that as well as your normal a/d/s/w/shift/space arrangement, use the arrow keys, enter for shield, shift for crouch? I’m left-handed, so these keys would suit me perfectly.


  95. 3D flash? Genius, however I do agree with the controls being slightly awkward. Mabye arrow keys & shift/control/return for duck/shield?

    Also I find that tracking while ducking goes out the window (literally).

  96. great game !

    indeed the first flash-shooter, i really like.

    i am still dreaming of a minimalized flash-3d engine for developing online-shooters..

    and it looks like you were quite close.


  97. Excellent Game

    Hightly Addictive

  98. Great game play, now you need to add better colours. Add a room at the end of each stage with a glorified monster in it. Weapon pick up options and changability via the right mouse button or jog wheel. Then stick it in the shops for a lot of monies;)).

    PS. You really need to port this to Java for phones and PDAs, seriously!!!!

  99. I love this game, addictively easy to play. It’s on my favourites I can tell you that.

  100. kikin ur keister August 23, 2005 at 3:29am

    Lovin this game, gr8 to pass the time.

    I think tose Puki out to be burnt!

    Idea: Include Flamethowrer!

  101. kikin ur keister August 23, 2005 at 3:31am

    Idea: Sniper Rifle to get those long range Pukis!

  102. kikin ur keister August 23, 2005 at 3:40am

    I’m pleased that the map changes from time to time! Good for getting at those hackers makin guides + cheats!

  103. Mike Stevenson August 23, 2005 at 9:40am

    Great Game, well worth ago, nice little desktop game for those quiet times at work, and fairly addictive also.

  104. I want to play but the controls, ADWS, spacebar,mouse is that all of them. I can’t concentrate on the game because I’m looking for which key, spacebar and mouse I’m going to use. I’m a novice at games but I still like to give it a try. I can’t comment on the actual game because I never lasted very long.

    Looks cool though…


  105. Elphinstone Dalrymple August 25, 2005 at 1:53am

    excellent game. One day I will get off level 2

  106. The game is great and quite addictive I have to admit. I can get up to level 9 and I very proud for that (I don’t know how much time I have spent).

    So far my I have only one comment; In level 9 and also in the bonus level before, that when a ufo puki is displayed along with 4 pukis the framerate decreases and thats why I am getting killed!

    Well done



  108. Just great

    I can’t believe you actually made a 3D engine for flash, it’s great… and the game itself is awesome!

    Congratulations! keep up the good job

  109. Very nice game..I play it often; couple of questions/comments:

    1) Some dead pukis sprout a flower once killed – are these peaceniks that give love rather than hate?

    2) Not clear what all the bonus spheres on the sides represent (some are easy to understand, like health, speed, time, etc.) some others are not. Comprehensive glossary would be nice

    that’s it..keep up the good work!


  110. Hey nice game! I agree with the more weapons comments and maybe you can make it so that you can get the spheres by shooting at them. 🙂

  111. I would like to see the capability to reverse the up/down control of the mouse. It’s the reverse of what I’m used to, which makes the came almost impossible to play. Other than that, very nice.

  112. good game, but buttons used are awkward for us lefties.

  113. Don’t know why I didn’t type Old Skool sooner. But I think I like the other way better. Still neat idea. Great game, thanx.


  114. Whew! It took weeks, but finally made it to the end of Level 9. Great game! I love that the easy overheating of the lasers forces subtler gameplay than just “shoot! shoot! shoot!”, and I love that changing strategy is necessary across levels. Each level has its own flavor, which keeps interest high. Level 8 (Marathon) is my favorite so far — I don’t often get to the end of it, but it’s a blast trying. I doubt I’m unique in needing to exploit pickups in level 8, and it’s fun too that they change across runs.

    It would be nice to have a way to pause the game, to deal with irritations like phone calls and bosses without starting over (level 1 has gotten mighty boring by now ;-)).

  115. Nice game ! I love it !

  116. Pretty good game, but the lack of contrast makes it really difficult (feature? more like frustration). Would be nice to play fullscreen.

    Otherwise, excellent work.


  117. Hey Grant, I love the game. Nice work. It’s actually quite soothing to play. And the sound effect are perfect.

  118. crouch and space dont work.

  119. Wow, this is the best damn Flash game I have ever played. It’s fun, addictive and impossibly small. It’s awesome!

  120. Very Addictive game!

  121. Awesome game. Definitely my favorite flash game. Since I am right handed, the controls layout is just right. The only changes I can suggest are that;

    1) The amount of shots before overheating be increased slightly, to help in those cases where you have numerous Puki’s coming at you at once, and;

    2) While kewl, the revolving animation around the “crosshairs” if you will is a bit distracting and obscures targets, I’d suggest a sightly modified triangle version. Say you make the triangle a bit larger, and it encompasses a dot as the exact aiming point.

    Overall, spectacular work, I hope to see a full version I can play offline with more levels and lots of extra surprises.

  122. Nice concept the colour scheam is still too faint, I doubt a little more contrast would soil the plastic effect you wish to achieve.

    The controls are a real problem, would be nice if they could be user defined to allow some experimentation. As they are, the game play was too fustrating to play for any further objective testing, so I have no further comment at this time.

  123. Hey, I wouldn’t be posting if I didn’t enjoy the game – good work.

    However, it is missing two simple things…… a pause button and a restart/reset button.

    The crouch button may not work for everyone, for some it may be easier if the crouch button was the ‘x’ key or the ‘s’ key (if moving the slow down option to the ‘x’ key.

    I think players should have the option.

    That’s all for now.

    Good Luck!

    I hope to see the results soon.

  124. Hey,

    for some reason, when I shoot the pukis in the game, nothing happens to them, even when I hit them. Also, in firefox, the game doesn’t even show up (the webpage is blank). thanks!

  125. Excellent. One thing though, if you go to “game play”, read “interface”. There’s a typo: “leftt”.

  126. My friend, this game is tremendous ! I only wish I could do as well. A+++

  127. i got to second stage at last, it is a bit difficult you don’t know what to shoot and what not to

  128. [victor]

    > you don’t know what to shoot and what not to

    Shoot the Pukis; starting on level 2 shoot the red beacons at the tops of doors; and starting on level 5 shoot UFOs (it takes five hits to kill a UFO). Don’t shoot anything else. In particular, it doesn’t do you any good to shoot the little spheres hugging the walls at floor level. Those are pickups — some help you if you pick one up, while others can hurt you. Pay attention to the symbols on the spheres to learn which is which.

    I’ve been playing this game for a long time now (for some happy reason I never tire of it ;-)), and currently rank in the bottom half of the top 10 scorers. What I still don’t understand is how the top few scores are possible! I can (sometimes, not always) get to the end of every level, kill almost all the Pukis while they’re off the ground, kill almost all the UFOs, grab almost all the “dollar sign” and “extra time” pickups along the way, and I’m leaning on thw “w” key about 80% of the time. _Maybe_ I could get another 100,000 by doing everything I know to do perfectly, but the top scores are 800,000 away. They must have learned something I still haven’t figured out.

  129. We’re pretty sure that ath’s scores are legit. He played like a madman for the first couple months. He might be playing on a slow computer or something though, so legit is a somewhat flexible term.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that the closer the Puki is to you when you shoot it, the more points you get.

    For those who are wondering, I think we’ll probably do a new version of the game in a few months, after the next version of Flash Player is released. That way we can do some really killer things with it.

  130. this game just rules. controls are great for me. I do have a request though. I suck really really bad and will likely play this game for weeks and I will never ever ever get on the high score board. suck or not, I’d like to compare my scores to my scores. Any way a local high score might be considered for your next version?

    congrats on a great game and thanks for the work/share.

  131. it wisnae very good and i died 2 quick. also make more areas instead of the 1 corridor

  132. one thing is that having to use shift to pick up an item is *INCONVENIENT* and distracting. why aren’t they picked up automatically?

  133. quite cool, enjoyed it, look forward to more ideas in this genre

  134. I like the game a lot, but I must say that the keyboard controls are not very practical. At least not to me. Were they designed for a querty keyboard. Perhaps it would be nice if you could allow users to define the keys they want to use.

  135. And a pause button would be very very handy too.

  136. the puki on lvl 4 where like invinable i shot one in the head bout 9 times and i counted as a foot shot *but over all the game was freaking alsome*

  137. For those who haven’t given up:

    Press “w” most of the time. Don’t dodge any puki’s, ever. Let them get right in front of your face before you shoot, then the game turns into more about timing than aim (except for the beacons which almost become automatic twitch). Don’t worry about the UFO’s to the point that you miss shooting a puki, as UFO’s aren’t worth very many points. Stay on the left when UFO’s are out, they are less likely to hit you then if you are on the right. Get all “?” bubbles as they could be points or time. Leaning on “w” during the third bonus round can skyrocket your score, try to have at least 35 seconds left, then take a peek at your time bonus. General advice is to play all or nothing, you probably won’t beat the best score ever without this mindset.

    My system is a 2.8 P4, guess it’s not state of the art but it is less than a year old.

    Still waiting patiently for Centauri…

  138. I have a problem with the game. When I hold down shift and press the left mouse button for fire i get a “blank screen”. The game is still running. I can me getting hit by the evil minions.

    My Machine is a Mac 10.4.5, the browser is Firefox and Flash is version 8 revision 22.

    Otherwise a GREAT game!!

  139. CHEAT!::

    sweet game man. i didn’t read all these posts, so somebody else may have said this, but one bug/cheat is that the flash player allows you to zoom in on the right click menu! it makes it easier, at least on the early levels.

  140. I´m from Colima, Mexico, and I wanna know how can get full screen.

  141. Great game. It’s like crack. I can’t stop playing it.

  142. Really liked your game. Thought the clean 3D effects work really well. Good luck with whatever you do next. On the key comments – Why not use the arrow keys as everyone tries them first with the exception of older people who remember Spectrums etc. No issue with having both sets available anyway. How old do I feel.

  143. Christian George March 15, 2006 at 1:29pm

    Is this a game a game? If so,please let me play.

  144. Great game, loving it! However, the flowers can’t be collected (or if they can, it’s not adding them into my score until after I complete the level maybe?). Thanks much!

  145. Hi! It’s a great game. Had Wonderful time and fun. By the way, why do you choose the Name “Puki”. It’s actually, my name. Just curious!! Anyway, nice to see my name on the net and people love it playing.

    Thanks man!!!


  146. That game is alsome whoever made it is a master if you had any other games coming out soon please tell me aboutthem and what website it will be on. THAT GAME IS ADITIVE! I COULD GOT OFF! IT’S AMAZING!

  147. Firefox imcompatability.

    Fun game though.

  148. What a great game. I can see I am going to spend hours of wasted time here!!!

  149. The game was pretty fun. I thought it was kinda easy to kill the little pukkis but I died cuz I didn’t know what to do about the force fields.

  150. Alexandre Feitosa May 4, 2006 at 1:26am

    Hi. A friend of mine has just sent me an e-mail where he shows himself outraged by the slaughter of the so-called “babies” in your game. When I read it, I thought it was a sick game where people were supposed to shoot at little cute human babies. So I went to see the game, and I find out they’re just some malevolent creature you (or anyonde else) invented.

    Well, I’d like to ask you what the name “Puki” means (if it means something), and what could you say about that accusation — which I consider nonsense — that your game is a sick exercise of killing cute little human babies, or even inspired by that idea.

    Thanks in advance!


    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  151. It’s BRILLIANT. I can’t believe certain people knocking it. If they can do better………

    Well done, and look forward to a bigger better version!!

  152. Alexandre, I think your friend is a little sheltered and needs an outlet for his rage, which should be an easy thing to come by in your country at the moment.

  153. This game is truly fantastic. It’s simple, addictive and a great way to fill up free time. I was a little confused with the controls at first, but soon got used to them.

    Having adorable enemies is great.

    Well done!

  154. Wow.

    I can’t begin to describe how great this game is. And amazing that there’s finally a first person shooter flash (and its decent). Just a bit of feedback (I could never have made a game this good):

    The controls are a little awkward. Perhaps at the title screen, add a section titled Legend. Includes Controls (I didn’t actually know the controls until…about 2 days after I started playing) and what the different power-ups do. I like the hints at each level. And the bonus levels too.

    This is such an awesome game…I love it. The movement is smooth (yourself and the enemies) and items and powerups are great. Thanks for an awesome game, A+, 98%!

  155. Excellently made game. I couldn’t tear myself away (until I died, of course). The only problem I had was that I didn’t know I had to move to the left or right to pick up the power-ups, and I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t getting them.

  156. I have a question to ask about the game: what are all the various powerups? I know what some of the symbols mean, such and the red cross for health, the clock for extra time and the dollar sign for points, but what about the one with the little blue lines that slope towards each other? Or the exclamation mark? And help would be greatly appreciated…

  157. Could you make a toggle for dvorak keyboard layout?

  158. Super,j’aurai préférai qu’on ai le choix de se déplacer avec les fléches pour le reste c’est trés bon

  159. The best flash game i’ve played.. Only problems for me are the controls, since i’m left-handed, and that the word Puki is a common vulgar term over here in the Philippines 🙂

  160. very nice. maybe some turns, like in the hallway could be added.

  161. This game is really really addictive…but it desperatly needs a pause button…god..its ridiculous how many times ive had to restart the game because i had to deal with something…but all in all..amazing game!! more power to ya!! 😀

  162. This is an interesting game and I am intrigued with the fact its on flash. As a game developer I’m really interested in having easily accessible games available to large numbers of people and this does well in both regards. Quick suggestions and if I’m mistaken or you’re working on it, please disregard. I suggest weapon upgrades as you reach certain score tiers, also lives would be nice and prolong the game if you so desired. These will help pull in players less concerned with scores than gameplay. Level differences can be accomplished with specific details here and there, such as a window or a door with a different style. I only make these suggestions because it seems like a game you should continue to develop. Good luck and keep working on it. Very fun to play.

  163. Seems like a well designed flash game to me. I loved it!

  164. Love the game.

    I’m on a ibookG4/Firefox

    When I crouch (shift) and try to fire two or three times repeatedly, the game continues but the screen goes blank.

  165. goodgame u need a pause button though!

  166. Damn great game!

    Shame on you Quake!

    I would ask you for a different color sheme though.


  167. does not work in opera

    fun in ie though

  168. it’s great!get more sound effects and enemyes like puki,then it will be famous!!!

  169. really great 3d effects, could be a very nice game on a smart phone, why don’t develop something similar for small phones screen, it will be a success i think.

  170. i just wrote an article about away3d on my blog

    let me know if you like it 🙂

  171. the concept is really great good job.

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