Tiny addictive Flash game

It never ceases to amaze me how much functionality you can pack into a tiny file with Flash. I started out writing a test for generating random asteroids, and it blossomed into a full-fledged game. Doom III it is not, but considering it’s less than 1kb in size (1020 bytes [UPDATE 04/24] now down to 1007 bytes), I think it’s pretty impressive, having time, points, levels, bonuses and penalties.

Game play is simple: Shoot (click) all of the asteroids before time runs out to progress to the next level. You’ll want to be fast and accurate – you get time bonuses at the end of each level, and are penalized for missed shots. Have fun, and post your best score / level in the comments below.

It was surprisingly fun and interesting building this game and fighting for every last byte. Has anyone else built any cool tiny games or projects they’d like to share?

Grant Skinner

The "g" in gskinner. Also the "skinner".



  1. My highest result is 33135.

    The simplier the game, the more addictive it is, right? 🙂

  2. Sorry Rostislav, I just got 66200. Great game Grant!

  3. I’d love to see the source code. Do you mind posting the fla file?

  4. Darn it! – Should’ve posted 5 minutes earlier. Then I wouldn’t look as bad now… 😉

  5. level 9.. 465,500 – now for a high-score engine =)

  6. Jesus, you people aren’t human. This game could be quite a good misspent-youth detector 😉

  7. Level 15 – 2.522.650 – I’ve broken my mouse! 🙂

  8. I can’t feel my left-button finger any more.

    Thanks! 171,900

  9. 228850 ^^ no more… my fingers are … oh i don’t know where they’re now…

    easily great 😉

  10. 671,725. My tendons hurt…. I will have to rest a couple of days before trying again…

  11. 1020 bytes

    1020 bytes: Microgame… Grant Skinner puts a workable Asteroids-type game into a kilobyte of SWF. Why, I remembah when we used to make a big to-do about a 5K HTML brochure…. ;-)…

  12. You might be interested in http://the5k.org/. It’s mostly DHTML, but it’s the same idea.

    You should post the code on this… I’d be interested to see if you managed to keep it clean as well as small. Usually you can only have one other the other.

  13. Nice one Grant. I’ve once got into a competition making the smallest spinnable 3D cube in Flash vs DHTML. Guess who won: http://blog.owenvandijk.nl/2004/04/25d_worlds_smal.html


  14. where the hell is a high score things? i had 1.5 mil, and the blocks floated off the screen and couldnt get back.

  15. Juego en Flash de menos de 1 Kb

    Via gskinner.com, veo un pequeñísimo juego en Flash, de solamente 1020 bytes, menos de 1 Kb.

    La apariencia, y e…

  16. I’ve got 99700.

    Nice game!

  17. 510225… Level 9 I think…and my finger is still twitching

  18. I’m at level 26 with 6116575 points…but my mouse and my finger starts to be tired 😀

    Very nice example of small & simple but funny game 🙂

  19. ok game…. 1430325

  20. i got 8325, where do i put the high score?

  21. That was great fun!

    I have made something similar; a 746 bytes snake game and a 1000 bytes tetris. Check them out at the bottom of this page: http://www.strille.net/tutorials/

    (source code available)

  22. 1049475.

    I quit ’cause I got bored 😛

  23. 1 mil ha ha ( im gonna fell that in the mornin

  24. this game is fun. 9933825 with the 2nd try!

  25. 105625 on the very first try, not a bad game but as the old version, very addictive

  26. 674800…

    Always good to see there’s still people who don’t care about 34 ghz Xbox with thermonuclear powered gpu and 6 To of hard disk, and still remember that the coolest thing is to beat some high scores on a good old arcade game !!

  27. A arrived to 9,482,825 and then I have stoped – the game is endless, you have allways enught time to destroy all the asteroids 🙂

  28. Doh!

    4,937,950 Lost on Level 21.

    4,369,000 Won with 191 “seconds” left over.

    I’ve got the screen shots to prove it! 😛

    All played in 15 minutes, or so? This was my first, and last(?) try.

    Huy (sounds like “we”)

  29. Although I don’t agree with Rostislav – I like complex games better – it amazes me, too, how much can be stuffed into so few kilobytes. Flash didn’t become so popular for nothing, I suppose.

    And an off-topic question:

    In this article I’ve noticed there’s a gap between the embedded Flash movie and the last sentence before it (“… in the comments below.”).

    When I embed Flash movies in my own blog, I, too, have this gap and I don’t know how to get rid of it.

    Does anyone have any idea on how to do that? If you do, please write to me using the contact form on my blog (footer line).

  30. well.. he-he… i got enough… GOT 11’032’600

    lvl 25 or 26… or smth.. it was hard…

    got to stop it… game was going too crazy…

    i built kinda a game couple a years ago… but it was not so everlasting… LOL

  31. Very cool. That would be an awesome pre-loading screen for larger projects. Some constructive criticism; The low speed asteroids go so slow that I thought the game may of been bugged because a saw none on the screen for a moment. Then again I think fast, so maybe it wasn’t really going that slow.

    Actually, it’s the fact that part of the game is off-screen, because I just had it happen to me while it was a fast one, going at a angle which made it unavailble to see off-screen.

  32. i got the best…i am the best…i got 188768 on level 6

  33. Hey!… the asteroid peices move outside the visible area… I was on Level 7 with 196225 and the screen was clear for a count of over 20, and then I lost!! – Grrr

  34. lev 14 – 2,027,075

    my hand hurts like hell though!! I like the game

  35. Please make a Wii version!!!

    It is perfect to play with wiimote

  36. 1.1 million .. I don’t fancy playing any longer to beat the 11 million record.. next time make the game a challenge of skill rather than endurance please 🙂

  37. wooouww thanks you all the game beatiful

  38. Please make a Wii version!!!oyunlar

    It is perfect to play with wiimote..

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