New 3d Flash Game: Coming Soon

I thought I’d give this a quick blog, as it’s now exposed via the FitC awards page anyway. In my spare time over the past little while I’ve been working on a first person shooter in Flash (perhaps the first Flash fps?) using our new set of 3d classes. Considering it started mainly as a technical experiment, it’s looking pretty good, and is actually fun to play (though maybe not as instantly addicting as the 1kb asteroids game). I’m just putting on the finishing touches now, and should be releasing it sometime late next week.

Here’s a screenshot in the interim (scaled down to fit in the blog).

And before anyone asks… glic news coming next week, I promise.

Grant Skinner

The "g" in gskinner. Also the "skinner".



  1. Andre Michelle posted a raycasting engine a long time ago (around a year?), but I don’t know that anything “official” has been released, other than the experiement.

    Click on “raycasting” under “DISTORT” to see the experiment with the first person shooter style.

  2. Ya, Andre does some pretty amazing work with 3d. Some of his experiments make my math lobe hurt. This is much simpler I’m sure than his raycasting logic, but sacrifices have to be made to make 3d run fast enough for a game in Flash. 🙁

  3. Looks very promising! Let us know when it is ready, we could feature it in our monthly “spotlight”.

    Lapo 🙂

  4. Are you going to be sharing those 3d classes?

  5. very nice and amazing, though I didn’t master the command : with a foreign kbd layer they aren’t so natural. OF course it does not make sense in that sort of flash game to provide a “customize command” to player.

    So choose more “universal” buttons, for example x/v >>> a/d and d/c >>>> w/s, would help help the poor foreigner (alien ?) playing your wonderful game.

    But I suppose you don’t care, so my fingers will hurt because of puki. boohoohoo

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