FightFight: Old-school Flash Fighting Game

I’m going to try to post some of my older work on the blog over the next few months, largely for my own archival purposes, but also because I think a lot of my older stuff was kind of fun and worth revisiting. I’ll probably also post a lot of the source code (when I can find it).

Since yesterday I posted a tiny new game, today I thought I’d post a big old game.

The game is an arcade-style fighter called FightFight, and I built it in Flash 5 in Dec 2000, while I was employed at a now defunct company called CDMG. The concept was to have a fun way to meet the staff on the website, and show off our Flash prowess in the process (not sure if it entirely succeeded in either regard, but it was a lot of fun to build). In my not so humble opinion, it was pretty ground-breaking for it’s time, and it still holds its own against some of the newer Flash fighting games.

Some of it’s features:

  • Scalable AI for computer controlled opponents

  • Loads game elements on demand (ie. loads characters and environments as needed, rather than all at once)

  • 4 game modes: single player, single player tournament, two player and demo mode (just wait a little while on the title screen to see two AIs duke it out)

  • Each character has a unique environment, unique sounds, unique AI, unique music, and unique moves

  • Environments can be animated and interactive

  • Object based programming architecture makes the engine easy to upgrade (hey, this was pretty new and cool in 2000)

Click the screenshot below to play it.

To former colleagues who star in the game: You look smashing, and now you’re famous! But seriously, anyone in the game who doesn’t want to be, please feel free to contact me and I’ll remove you.

I’m going to try to round up the source, and strip it down to just my character and the cow, then post it here (though that will probably be in a week or so, once I’m back from MXDU).

Grant Skinner

The "g" in gskinner. Also the "skinner".



  1. this does not look good it looks cpap

  2. Thanks. This is really an excellent substitute for the gskinner components that were in the process of being released.


  3. To survive in this hart competition you must deliver something special. And that is what you definitely do.

    So go on like this, it’s really great.

  4. bad ass – looking forward to the source as i am interested in creating a similar game for personal project…

  5. Would also like to get hold of the source file…. I’m interested in making a comical beat em up too.

  6. Yeah,Man! Post that source! I’ve been looking to do a project exactly like this! I think it looks good! It’s not the most advanced game I’ve ever seen, but I like the character animation and the concept behind it. Awesome.

  7. nice site

  8. great!post that source would you!

  9. not addictive. Please remove it as it produces bad effect on your website

  10. I recently came across this open source fighting game engine for flash.

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