FITC Goes Hollywood

I’m getting ready to fly down to LA to speak at FITC Hollywood next week. The event should rock – FITC is always fun, but with a focus on the entertainment industry it should be a blast! Definitely not one to miss out on.

It’s pretty exciting that FITC is starting to expand to new locations, and at the same time FlashForward is evolving and moving to new cities. More Flash goodness for everyone.

Hope to see you in Hollywood!

Grant Skinner

The "g" in gskinner. Also the "skinner".



  1. I went to FITC in 2006 and have a attended a few Flash Forward conferences (NY, Seattle). I’ll be sure to attend your session at FITC, Hollywood. See you there!

  2. Woo Hoo!!! FITC Hollywood, Here I come. I need to clone myself because there are too many good sessions and not enough time.

  3. Your presentation at FITC Hollywood was great. Super entertaining and inspiring. I really like your new webcam stuff and am looking forward to getting into experimental stuff like you suggested. I came away with not only inspiration, but also a great insight into the power of accesses person interest. Thanks!

  4. Hi Grant, it was great to meet you and Bobbi. Your presentation was great even for non developers like myself. Hope to see you soon (maybe in Sydney :))

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