The Future of Online Branding!

That’s right… spinning, flaming 3D logos (there’s potential for a joke about openly gay break dancers in there somewhere, I’m sure)! Courtesy of PaperVision3D, my Fire Effects class, and John Grden.

Grant Skinner

The "g" in gskinner. Also the "skinner".



  1. Well done!

    I was planning a pv3D demo with the air logo too. I’ll maybe do a little game, ’cause it look like a frisbee.

  2. what? I get no credit???

  3. Yeah You gotta give it up for KEITH since he started this whole idea 🙂


  4. Ok… credit to John for the 3D spinning, to me for the fire effect, to Andy for integrating it with PPV3D, to Adobe for the logo, and to the old whiny guy for the original 2D concept. 😉

  5. That sure ain’t retro. 🙂

  6. My stupid work PC (pentium 4 2.8ghz) can hardly breathe at 2fps 😀

  7. Hello:-

    Can you help me and explain to me how a logo of this style is created thanks…

  8. It’s pretty simple actually. I took Keith’s vector version in the Flash IDE and refined it so the edges were completely smooth (like you see)

    Then, export from Flash as Illustrator 6.0 file. OPen either 3D Studio Max or Swift3D and import the Illustrator file. Swift3D extrudes it automatically for you to get you started. 3DS doesn’t, but you can add an extrude modifier and you’ll essentialy end up with the same thing.

    Then export as a collada file for Papervision3d to load.

    Swift3D will be releasing 5.0 for mac and an update to windows to support exporting collada files. It works extremely well, and the price is something flashers can afford while 3DS is over $3000 🙂

    So it’s very very easy to create 3d logos like this

  9. I’m impressed! But of course – I’m your mother so I may be just a wee touch prejudiced!!

  10. Dragging the logos back and forth is neat.

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