Beach Grass in the Wind

Grass swaying in the wind, clouds drifting by. This experiment is meant to look like you are cycling alongside an endless tranquil beach on a perfect day.

I’m not quite sure about the cycling motion / bounce, but I’m happy with the wind in the grass, and the clouds for the most part.

Based on the grass engine I built for my “50 Reasons AS3 Kicks Ass” session slides.

Bonus points if you can guess all of the uses of perlin noise in this experiment (there’s 5). 🙂

Grant Skinner

The "g" in gskinner. Also the "skinner".



  1. This is amazing and inspiring – I can’t believe how smooth it runs, thanks for sharing!

    perlin noise – 1) clouds 2)grass bend 3) grass bounce 4) sky gradient? 5) grass gradient?

  2. Oh beware- Grant is back in the lab! Nice one! But has Robert seen this ;-)?

    Here’s my guesses:

    1+2) 2 layers of Clouds ( or 1 layer + extras alpha channel)

    3) Grass Size

    4) Grass Bend

    5) Vertical “cycling” bounces

  3. Pretty much correct:

    1) Clouds (2 layers)

    2) Grass height trend (to create nice tufts)

    3) Cycling bounces

    4) Strong wind (all grass moves at once)

    5) Wind gusts (ripple through the grass)

    Gotta love perlin noise!

  4. So do we get the code?

  5. Thats a no, we don’t get the code 😉

  6. unfortunate

  7. hi, this looks like real,

    can u make an tutorial pls.

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