New CreateJS Version Launched

I’m excited to announce the launch of new versions of the CreateJS libraries and tools. CreateJS is a suite of open source libraries and tools to make it easier to build really rich, interactive experiences using modern web standards.

This release added a ton of new features, including masks, multitouch support, run time generated sprite sheets, and better support for fluid or multi-resolution experiences. We also refined functionality, fixed a bunch of bugs, and added tutorials on a number of major topics for EaselJS.

The biggest change, which you’ll want to be aware of if you’re going to migrate existing content to the new versions is that all classes are now in a configurable namespace. You can either use the default “createjs” namespace, switch it to something more convenient, or configure it to not use any namespace at all to retain compatibility with legacy content.

I’m hoping to write up a more detailed overview of this release when time permits – things are very busy here at!

You can grab the latest, and get more info about CreateJS at

Grant Skinner

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  1. Just one word… THANKS!

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