DiggTop AIR Application Updated

This week, our first public AIR application, DiggTop, surpassed the 10, 000 download mark, thank-you to all who have downloaded it!

We initially announced DiggTop back in April, Flex + Apollo + Digg API = DiggTop!, for the then brand new Digg API. We had hoped to have many new versions and features out by now, but due to our internal work load, free products like DiggTop suffer (an all too common story). But fear not! We have not forgotten about this project and still have great new features planned for (hopefully) the near future. We will also be updating it to match any future builds of AIR. So stay tuned, as our little AIR application will keep wasting your time well into the future.

**Note: Digg has recently updated their api, so any current builds of DiggTop will not work anymore. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. This build resolves that issue, and adds a new images section to match the Digg.com site.

Wes Gorgichuk

Wes has an extensive background in JavaScript, Node, PHP, and MySQL development. He enjoys learning new technologies and has unwittingly received the, unofficial, title of DevOps at gskinner for managing the internal server infrastructure in addition to his programming duties. When he's not learning new technologies he can be found hitting the trails on his mountain bike or travelling the world and eating at some of the best restaurants there are.

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