EaselJS v0.3 Released!

I’m very happy to announce that version 0.3 of EaselJS has been released. Even better, it’s now on GitHub, so you can fork it to your hearts content.

This version makes it even easier to build compelling content using the HTML5 canvas element and javascript. It has a rewritten rendering engine with support for skewing, an improved and optimized interaction model (5-10x faster), and a slew of other new features and fixes. Here’s the whole list, in no particular order:

  • renamed Tick to Ticker
  • adding a listener to Ticker twice will now move it to the end of the listener list
  • added Ticker.getMeasuredFPS()
  • added Ticker.setFPS()
  • renamed Stage.tick to Stage.update and made Stage.tick point to Stage.update
  • made the pauseable param “true” by default on Ticker.addListener()
  • added Stage.toDataURL(backgroundColor, mimeType)
  • renamed Rectangle.w/h to width/height
  • improvements to commenting and documentation
  • formalized inheritance model to make code more readable
  • changed color to null instead of 0 in Shadow.IDENTITY
  • fixed an error with simple sprite sheets that weren’t set to loop
  • implemented “tiny” instructions for Graphics. (ex. myGraphics.f(“#0FF”).c(x,y,r) )
  • fixed problems with Graphics.clone()
  • fixed bug with passing instructions to a Graphics object constructor
  • complete rewrite of the render engine to be cleaner and more flexible
  • added .decompose() method to Matrix2D
  • added .skew() method to Matrix2D
  • added .skewX/Y on DisplayObject
  • added SpriteSheetUtils.extractFrame(spriteSheet,frame) method
  • added basic multi-line support for Text
  • added DisplayObject.suppressCrossDomainErrors property
  • complete rewrite of the hit testing system to be cleaner and run 5-10x faster
  • improved the interaction model:
    • added .onPress, .onClick callbacks on DisplayObject
    • removed .mouseChildren from Container
    • made .mouseEnabled true by default
    • added .onMouseDown, .onMouseUp, and .onMouseMove callbacks on Stage
    • added MouseEvent
  • Stage.getObjectsUnderPoint() has been moved to Container
  • added Container.contains(child) method
  • added DisplayObject.compositeOperation
  • added appendProperties() and prependProperties methods to Matrix2D
  • added DisplayObject.hitTest() method
  • added stage.snapToPixelEnabled and displayObject.snapToPixel
  • added DisplayObject.updateCache()
  • renamed minified file from easeljs.js to easel.js
  • Re-factored directory layout

Check out EaselJS.com for more info or to grab the latest build.

Grant Skinner

The "g" in gskinner. Also the "skinner".



  1. very cool. I work on an online american football simulation, and we don’t have a game viewer yet. It’s all text.

    Looks very promising as a potential game viewer. I’ll start reading the docs.

  2. Hi Grant,

    i see now the LIB is much slower.
    I don’t understand why deprecate mouseChildren. It was good to take control only on children and not on parent. This is slowing much the API.
    Anyway good work on txt multiline.


  3. Hi Grant

    i think there is a bug on the shadow, that get all much slower.
    It don’t set to 0 or null the next object initialized, and all objects got the shadow of the only object with it.

    Proud to help,

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